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  • For about a year, my friends and I had epic brunches there every Sunday with never ending mimosas. It’s a bit pricey, but you can’t argue with the quality of food and the omelette bar. I personally would put myself into a diabetic coma with their waffles and home-made whipped cream.

    During Summer, after the never ending mimosa’s, we would usually head up to the roof top bar for a pretty good view of downtown. The bar isn’t much to talk about, but overall it’s a great way to spend your Sunday.

  • Drunk brunch what whaaatt. Very FUN all u can drink brunch. I sit there for hours, then head to Fox & Hound.

  • Like the above commenters said, it’s a coma-inducing brunch. I haven’t been there in a few years, but it used to be a nice hangover remedy — $20 for bottomless mimosas or bloody marys, along with their all you could eat buffet, which was top-notch. All kinds of eggs, breakfast meats, waffles, pancakes, and a full dessert bar with cakes and chocolates.

  • Kalorini

    Absolutely incredible brunch! One suggestion: make open table reservations, and go as close to noon as possible. Otherwise it is jam packed.

  • well i can’t speak for their brunch, but every time i’ve been it’s for drinks after work, but there’s no happy hour. you heard me. absolutely no specials. i may be wrong, but i don’t recall the rooftop bar having beero n tap either. rooftop is great though i must say.

  • this has been bothering me ever since I first noticed this place. can somebody PLEASE explain to me why the acronym for Beacon Bar and Grill is BGB?

  • Excellent food if you like SYSCO products. In short, Bleh.

  • I will never go to Beacon again.

    I’ve never been to brunch, so I can’t speak for that, but the dinner menu is mediocre, the drinks are seriously overpriced, and the manager is mean. We thought it was a fluke the first time, were disappointed the second time, and vowed to never go back after the third try.

  • dinner/post-work: atmosphere is bleh. food is bleh. drinks are overpriced. service is so-so. only redeeming qualities are the view from the rooftop deck and the fact that it’s three blocks from my apartment.

  • It is BBG (or really, BB&G)–look at the website. They just have a confusing logo that looks like BGB.

  • I agree, if you want a coma inducing brunch for a good price, it’s hard to beat. However, I will agree with @Dp, the manager is a complete and utter *sshole. I have had to make reservations there multiple times for my office or for other functions with family. If you call to make reservations too close to 11, he will hang up on your (“it’s the lunch hour.”). If you call on the weekends, you will be sent to a voice mail. If you call the office or front desk of the hotel after being hung up on, you will be transferred to the manager, and then hung up on again. He’s even a jerk in person.

    In short, make reservations on opentable.com and then you’ll be set.

  • Just would like to point out the absurdity of continuing to go back to a place that treats you so poorly! You should go somewhere else, EB, if your office allows it. Let market forces do their job.

    • @K, totally agreed, but we get a discount and therefore that’s where the powers that be dictate we take clients!

  • They served a tonnnn of food for restaurant week, but it was mediocre at best. I’m spoiled! 🙁

  • Had brunch there once. The all you can drink set-up is fine (cheap champagne, decent bloody mary mix) but the food was mediocre, at best. If you’re looking for a bargain, I’d reccomend spending the money on food and pitching in on some booze, and have brunch at a friends place. Anytime after 12 its packed, and you’ll be waiting in line for the buffet anyway.

  • going for least relevant comment of the week here:

    LOVE that red volvo wagon in front of the restaurant.

  • They have a decent happy hour – I think its 1/2 off appetizers and $18 (?) pitchers of sangria or margarita. No happy hour up on the rooftop deck though. It can get loud inside, but don’t most places?

  • thier brunch is AMAZING…nothing like bottomless mimosas and good food after a night out.

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