Judging Pop Ups


Much like the transoms, I also noticed a lot of pop ups around town this weekend. Some of them weren’t too bad at all. The one above is from the 1600 Block of New Jersey Ave, NW.


Which do you think looks better? More coming later in the week. The one below is from the unit block of S Street, NW in Bloomingdale.



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  • Looks wise the first one isn’t that bad – except the roofdeck handrail. Its badness come from the fact that it looks so dang obvious – like a wart on a nose.

    The second one looks a bit abrupt – sort of like the ran out of money and didn’t finish the sides. it doesn’t stick out as much because of the cone roofs on the neighbors. It does however look like they may have gotten rid of their cone roof (it was build at the same time it looks like judging by the brick work) which was just dumb-ass because it looks like they cut into the brick to create the doors/windows.

    I know they wanted to add square footage but they killed the curb appeal (ask any realtor how important that is).

  • Pop-ups are obnoxious.

  • The second pop up on S Street looks like something a hooker uses to screen her johns without having to open the door. Oh wait, she moved out of there.

  • Maybe so, knock it, but if you’ve been in one, they’re the coolest place to hang out in.

  • Maybe it’s the angle but there is something definitely off about the positioning of the windows in the first one compared to the existing windows. Actually the whole pop-up looks a little off-center.

    Would it have killed them to at least make the damn thing symmetrical with itself? Other than that, I’ve seen worse, but it’s fairly ugly.

    At the end of the day, any popup that has a completely different architectural style, building materials, and windows than the house is going to be ugly. This meets that description. A cape-cod popup on a federal style house just doesn’t work.

  • #1. Crap on crap

    #2. Crap especially since they cut down the metal cornice to make sure people could see their crapitude.

  • Both are horrible. I don’t have a problem with a pop up that’s not visible from a public right of way but most of them are highly visible and ruin the context and character of neighborhoods.

  • Well, the first one is very intriguing — I had always wondered if I could do a pop-up in a house like the one shown. It’s not perfect, but I think there could be a few changes to improve it. You could lose the railing and omit the vinyl siding on the dormers. And perhaps make the dormers slightly taller. Otherwise, the first one is not bad at all!

  • yeah, I live on the same block as the S street pop-up. and, yup’ers, it sux. big time. and, yup, they cut off the turret. no surprise about the quality since i’m fairly sure that the ‘developer’ might have been called ‘sketchy’ (if that description wasn’t so controversial…on second thought, fuk it….the dude was sketchy).

    and…ummmm, the back is kinda shitty, too…. =(

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