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New York Pizza is located in the old chicken spot (either Popeyes or KFC, can’t remember which) on North Capitol Street, NE not far from Florida Ave. A buddy of mine lives nearby and says it’s decent. For folks that live in Eckington/Bloomingdale have you tried it out yet? Is it better than fast food chicken?

For folks that live in this area, please also let me know if there are any other restaurants nearby that I should check out. And in other North Capitol news, I was recently emailed the North Capitol Street Cloverleaf Feasibility Study.

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  • They deliver to Park View! I had it and it was tasty.

  • I’ve had the subs a couple time and a few pizza. All were tasty. I just wished they didn’t have the bullet proof glass & some outside tables in the patio there.

    I can still dream.

  • I love the NY pizza down on Pennsylvania Ave in SE. Haven’t had anything from this NY pizza but the other one is fantastic.

  • I’m just glad something is there. That is infinitely better than the homeless people squatting and potentially jerry rigging something for power/heat which could blow up – literally. Also, that intersection didn’t need another dead spot.

  • sort of close to here is MGM Roast beef. It’s by the Home Depot and is really, really good.

  • yep, definitely not far from florida avenue. like, maybe 12-13 feet, i’d wager…

  • It used to be the bullet proof KFC.

    It’s not bad, good for just generic pizza. On a plus, it was open the Sunday after the snow storm and got a lot of new customers. I’m sure the employees wish they didn’t need the bullet proof glass, but the weekly muggings and vagrant camp at that intersection make it necessary.

  • I still don’t understand why people object to bullet proof glass at the intersection of North Cap, Florida and New York Ave. Its not like it is a quiet neighborhood location, it is at one of the busiest, least pedestrian friendly areas in the city.

    • least pedestrian friendly areas in the city?
      i walk it all the time and have no clue what you mean by that.

  • Used to live on Cap Hill and ordered from the NY Pizza there all the time. Good stuff!

  • As a nearby resident, I don’t really have a desire to check this place out one way or the other.

  • The North Capitol study is exciting news. I hope they can make it happen. the idea of bike lanes and parks alongside N. Capitol will do wonders for the area.

  • “parks alongside N. Capitol will do wonders for the area.”

    It will, indeed! By 2020 at the earliest, we’ll start to see some positive changes! That’s only 10 years from now. Start watching your clocks – those 10 years will FLY by!

  • It’s OK pizza but not as good as Italy Pizza.

  • I haven’t really been intrigued to check this place out. Italy Pizza on Florida around 7th street is good (much better than it looks from the street)

  • Walked there during the snowstorm for the first time and will definitely be using them for my generic pizza requirements. Until the bi-weekly muggings and vagrant camp disappear the glass is a sad necessity for minimally staffed businesses on that corner. (Please don’t compare to Big Bear w/ that’s only open daylight hours).

    You could have checked out Luciano’s if you were there earlier this year, sadly it’s now just another vacant storefront.

    Take a look at Jam Doung Style just north of Randolph on N. Cap

  • Thanks PoP for your interest in this area. As a recent transplant from Court House in Arlington to Eckington, I see great potential here and was glad to see what looked liked a shuttered KFC turn into a legitimate pizza joint that delivers. Food is always better when it is brought to your door. These guys have always delivered fast and friendly. Hopefully other restaurants will follow. I saw workers taking trash out of the old firehouse on N Cap yesterday. Who knows?

  • They happily and quickly deliver to Parkview — which makes me happy! Pizza was decent to fine and the appetizers were decent. It definetly bumped Mannies and other places from our normal ordering schedule but we don’t have a lot of delivery options.

  • I second the MGM comment (right across from Brentwood P/O.) SO Good!

  • Parkview,

    There are a bunch of places in Adams Morgan that deliver to Park View – check out the various online delivery people like Foodler, CampusFood and Allmenus to check out your options. I order from Himalayan Heritage and North Sea on 18th from time to time, and they’re both pretty good and deliver quickly to my place on Warder!

  • I second the nomination of Jam Doung Style on North Cap. It’s damn good Jamaican take out.

  • PoP….

    I think that was KANSAS fried chicken! it definitely wasn’t Popeyes or KFC (which is right across Florida on the intersection of FLA & N. Cap). It was some other state besides Kentucky. I’ve seen one or two of these here in DC but none recently.

  • Have ordered from here a few times. Every time the food has been great – save the few things that may not agree with my palate. Definitely a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

  • I bet they make a mean Crack Pie!

  • Its in a violent neighborhood that is rife with gun fire and gang warfare. No pizza is worth incurring mortal wounds on account of a 14 year old gun toting back alley goon.

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