Judging Buildings and an Addition


The above building on Wisconsin Ave in Glover Park is one of my least favorite in the city because it clashes so badly with neighboring rowhouses. However the addition below from Mt. Pleasant is one of my favorites. I love that style of wood:


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  • I’ve always wondered the story behind that Glover Park building.

  • That building in GP has been under construction for what seems like 10 years.

  • that GP house is a special kind of visual obscenity. Like a house that’s mooning you while pooping a BMW.

  • ah

    It’s just an ugly house, regardless of the setting. Is it a Christian Scientist church, perhaps?

    On the other hand, the vertical cedar siding needs some stain on it. It’s looking a little mildewed.

  • is that glover park house actually the back side?
    (and i’m not asking just cuz it looks like ass… pow!)

    looks like the neighbor to the left got screwed on both sides in terms of sunlight.
    and a curbcut too?

  • Whatever that monstrosity is, it totally ruined the value of the one sandwiched between it and the taler building on the far left (not that the greedy owner/developer cared).

    And that does look like the back of a property and not the front.

  • The GP property is in the process of being foreclosed on by the bank. It had been operated as an illegal bar/rave for a while. I do not know how it was allowed to be built so ugly!
    That block of Wisconsin needs a bit of help – could be some great mixed use apt/retail.

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