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  • As much as they bragged about this building being green/LEED I personally thing it is pretty bad. Lots of concrete and their \green roof\ is minute. What a waste to make this horrible intersection better – they could have pushed the building closer to the street or done something to improve flow.

  • security requirements for federal buildings require they be setback from the road for the purpose of truck bombs. That is why you have so many government agency offices leaving Crystal City and other parts of Arlington.

  • I think this building is pretty cool actually. It is the first federal building to be build under the new rules that govern how a federal building is to be built after the Oklahoma City bombing.

    The reason that it’s far from the street is because that big concrete “fence” structure that runs along the intersection is to protect the building against anyone that might want to blow the building up.

    I give it a thumbs up!

  • I like to think that if the Justice League were real, that would be what their headquarters would look like, only with more flags.

  • what else do they sell there?

  • Ugly, looks like a prison.

  • This whole neighborhood is being built/rebuilt so I think time will tell how this fits into the mix. Right now, it looks weird and scary.

  • I think it is a great building and help redevelop this area. Better than a boxy gov’t building, or the trend to have halo’s on the top of a building…

  • ten thumbs down. i know that there are rules that constrained its development, but I have to believe that there were other options that could have allowed for this building to interact with the street in some way. it could have been worse, but it could have been better.

    the real travesty are these horrible rules that have been enacted in the name of security. if some crazy terrorist wants to cause us harm, they’re going to. doesn’t matter if we all work in prisons, there is always a soft underbelly that will be vulnerable somewhere and the terrorist will just move on. lets live and work in nicely designed buildings, not in fear.

  • I love that building but I think a lot of the neighborhood is garbage.

  • i love it. i think it has a great modern feel, and i love that its set back from the road so as not to have any traffic calming capabilities. the last thing i want to do at this corner is slow down and take my time.

  • it’s brilliant! has anyone seen the peace institute? it’s by the same architect, and very similar. tired of all glass bldgs. when the neighborhood is all done up there, it will have some truly “different” bldgs. for dc, that’s a GOOD thing.

    oh, and i live a few blocks away, so there!

    • I didn’t know they were the same architect. The Peace Institute looks rad so far and should definitely be an interesting addition with its design.

  • Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms. sounds great, i’ll bring the chips.

  • George Orwell would love this place

  • Go back and take a look at Fascist Italian architecture. This is it. Brilliant.

  • The building is o.k. but the concrete fence is ugly and gives the site an ominous feel. It probably would have been better had it been placed along I-270 somewhere because now that street corner will forever be a huge dead zone.

  • The photo doesn’t show the shower cap that this building wears. I guess it reflects the fortress mood of our times, but this building is ugly.

  • After the FBI building, this the WORST.BUILDING. I hate this building…

  • Thumbs down.

    I know government building safety regulations, etc etc, but I call it the Toilet Bowl Building.

  • The building is inoffensive, but the blast barrier (or whatever that is) at the edge of the property is an eyesore.

    It’s either the architecture of cynicism or of cowardice, but either way it’s going to look pathetic in the future.

  • monorail!

  • I hear that a Costco is coming to this area. Can anyone confirm?

  • Love love love it!

  • Ugly now and likely twice as ugly in ten years. By 2020, it will have all the charm of a 1970s K Street Box, only with zero chance of renovation.

    It’s a shame that major entrances into the city like New York Avenue and South Capitol Street are such blighted hellscapes and that an opportunity to add a little elegance or class to a major intersection was lost.

  • It’s better than all the glass box garbage going up all over town.

  • Hideous! Its cold and ugly. The building itself has no charm, and the barrier looks like…a barrier! If this is how all new federal buildings are going to look, let’s just build giant wall around the city, and a moat.

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