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  • This building recently set a record for the highest sale price in DC. The lobby is truly amazing. The walls and the ceiling are covered in white marble, and they are backlit, so you have to see it at night.

  • Yep, love it. The building is really great.

  • Thank you for featuring this building – I walk by it almost everyday and agree it is amazing. Especially the lobby as mentioned above. Wow.

  • It is a beautiful building, only problem is, Vornado/Charles E. Smith has had a hell of a time trying to fill it.

  • another GLASS building? please we are chock full of them. It’s the latest “craze” in the boring “new” architecture of this city. If you look at a lot of the older buildings that are getting facelifts that is what they do – cover them all in glass. How long will this fad last? 15 years? How about designing something that is actually inspiring and lasts for generations? marble lobby? no Green architecture there either.

  • La Nina, in terms of green architecture, this building achieved LEED-CS Gold certification.

  • Benjamin — what are you talking about? Mayer Brown LLP commissioned the building and now resides in it. The firm may rent out a floor or two, but the building is otherwise filled and in use. (Yes, I work there.)

  • @ Benjamin T. – Actually, the building is 100% leased to a law firm (Mayer Brown). The firm is trying to sublease some of its space, but it is occupying the majority of the building.

    I think it’s a beautiful building as well, especially the intricate glass curtain wall and the lobby.

  • Another K street box… I’m “sure” that this paragon of design excellence will still be here when our grandchildren are well into their dotage (that was sarcasm)!

  • I believe this is the Vornado and the Wash Biz Journal article reported that it sold for $207.8 million.


  • I work in a building with similar style (all glass) and it is absolutely FREEZING in the wintertime. I am sitting here shivering. Our bulding also has Energy Greenstar rating, but what good is that if you have to blast the heat.

  • AJL,

    Good point there and unfortunate your building is like that.

    This is just one of the many problems when we forget to design for the human element, after all we do spend upwards of some 50 hours a week in an office space a bit more if you are an attorney I suppose.

  • It’s a beautiful building, but the indecisive tools who occupy it are the reason why the site at 17th and K will likely become a parking lot this spring and remain one for years. They backed out of the deal.

  • I’ve wondered weather those all glass building get really chilly in the winter. I work in another slightly older K st office and had a desk next to the window temporarily and was freezing my butt off. Maybe there’s been some big advances in the glass insulation on these all glass buildings?

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