Judging Buildings – 16th Street, NW


This scene is located on 16th Street near L across the street from the building we looked at yesterday. I thought this was interesting because there were three very distinct styles. We have old school:


A random rowhouse:


And standard office building:


An odd combination, yeah?

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  • I don’t think all of these are connected. I think the older ones are some Russian Consulate and the office building is some gov organization or lobby group..

  • ..Well not connected above ground anyway….
    Some organization like the CIA

  • That is the old Russian embassy. the new embassy was built on Wis ave. massive fortress like compound.

  • I believe it’s still the Russian (former Soviet) embassy, as the flag is flying. The compound on Wiscosin I believe to be only living quarters for the rather large staff.

  • i used to work in that brutalist building. one floor was off limits to us. it had offices for spying on next door.

  • jburka

    I spent a summer temping a few doors north in the American Chemical Society. Back then it was still the Soviet embassy. Each morning I’d see a bus arriving from, I imagined, some sort of barracks, delivering the embassy employees.

  • According to the library of congress that is now where Russian Ambassador Kislyak resides.
    (“Originally built in 1910 as the Pullman Mansion and acquired shortly thereafter by Russia for use as an embassy. Served as the chief Soviet Embassy until the early 1980s, when the new complex of buildings on Wisconsin Avenue was occupied. The old building now serves as the ambassador’s residence.”)

  • Oh my god are you not a lifelong resident of Washington, DC!!!



    Let’s just say that when I was a kid these buildings were SUPER FAMOUS.

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