I Fear LZ Restaurant Has Possibly Closed


I’ve always been a pretty big fan of LZ Restaurant located on Florida Ave. just west of 14th. I really enjoyed their gyros. Sadly the last 4 times I’ve walked by the space has been closed. Has anyone else noticed this? It was a pretty tough location that was a bit off the beaten path. I hope it’s just a temporary closing.

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  • I read on another website that the owner was closing up shop but would keep his catering business going.

  • I was worried about that too, but I tend to walk by there early in the morning/later at night so I’m not sure. They have seem closed more often than not though.

  • dude, i was gonna ask about you about that. you turned me on to the place, and whenever i have a job nearby at lunch i’ve gone there.

    this week it seems to have been closed.

  • I used to live in the adjoining house pictured there. That location is just no good for a restaurant. Prior to this, it was a little Ethiopian cafe that only lasted like a year.

  • Too bad — I thought they should just wait for View 14 and the other new condos to open.

    I went there with a relative who was in so-so health. We must have waited in a cold space for about 50 minutes before dinner was ready. My relative put on his coat and hat and was starting to shiver. We were all wearing coats and hats by that point. I must say I found the woman working there to be of no use. She couldn’t hurry our food, and didn’t seem to agree that the place was too cold. We eventually gave her money and walked out but it left us all feeling very miserable

  • Can someone tell me why it’s sad when a derelict store with no customers and lousy location closes? On a somewhat related note, it seems like some folks in our fair city have a strange nostalgia for businesses that are out of touch with their potential customers’ needs.

    • well, i was a customer. they had an eggplant and a falafel sandwich that i really liked. while i like all cool designed and fancy places, sometimes i don’t really care what a place looks like if they make a good lunch. this place did, at least in my opinion.

      they served my needs just fine. nostalgia? not so much. but i still think it sucks they closed.

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