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There’s a few things I like about this Mt. Pleasant home. The window up top is phenomenal. Sadly the second part didn’t show up too well in the photo but the first floor has some sweet stonework.

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  • I think this house is split into condos maybe?

  • A friend lived there awhile back & it was divided into not so nice apartments. Maybe now they are not so nice condos.

  • This is an awesome, single family home. Really, really nice on the inside…renovated perfectly with almost all of the original detail and features. My friend rents a room from the owner, who told me that this house was one of the first houses in Mt. Pleasant. It is a very cool house.

  • I used to two doors down and the owner is a friend. He took the home back to its original, undivided state and restored some pretty amazing features, like the ceilings and fireplaces. Since the three neighboring buildings are the same design, but divided into condos, its interesting to see what “was” versus what “is.”

  • Is this on Lamont?

  • The House featured is my friend Richard’s! The home is a stunning architectural house, original hardwood floors, picturesque sun-room on the 2nd story. Original floor to ceiling pocket doors from the main foyer to the formal living room and formal dining room.

    Best of all the home is a welcoming place to hold intimate gatherings with close friends and family! Thanks Richard

  • Yeah,

    I used to live in this home (I rented the basement from the current owner) and it really is a gem! Perfect location in Mt. Pleasant, nice courtyard, beautiful woodwork, tall ceilings, big open rooms, great original fireplaces, the list goes on and on. of

  • Property owners like the homeowner of this house on Lamont in Mount Pleasant should receive an award or the key to the city from the for Mayor for their sweat and sacrifice of time and resources for such splendid restorations.

  • Since it’s been mentioned that it’s on Lamont, this isn’t the place that was a halfway house and had been gutted by a terrible fire about 20 years ago, is it? I seem to recall that it was one of these big duplexes on that block.

  • the condos at 1715 & 1717 lamont st. were once 1 house that was a halfway house for women with mental health probems. the house burned and 9 women were killed in the fire. 1 more died in the hospital. the half way house was run by d.c. the house was since bought and rebuilt as 2 different condos.i believe d.c. gov. was found at fault in the incident but i dont know what the consequences were.

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