House of Philly Closed for Renovations


House of Philly is located at 2311 Calvert Street, NW in Woodley Park. I don’t think we’ve ever judged this place before. I think back in the day I once got a slice of pizza here… Anyone ever try the Philly cheesesteaks here? Are you glad to see it being renovated or would you prefer a new spot all together open up.

Incidentally, The old crepe spot, Cafe de Paris, which closed last March is still for lease located right above the House of Philly.


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  • It changed its name from Joe Pizza to House of Philly five years ago, but the horrible pizza never changed.

    After sampling their pizza once, I vowed never to return. Nevertheless, I was dragged there by drunken friends once or twice, and the service was abysmal. They seemed put out that someone might actually want to buy pizza. At one point they closed the kitchen door and wouldn’t serve anyone else that came in the front door. The guys in the back in suits suggest either a bookie or drugs.

    • Are there still “Bookies” these days? What exactly do they do? My old NY dad & uncles all had them, but that was long ago – “Guys and Dolls” days – what does a bookie do in the internet age?

  • I always thought this place was a front for drug dealers.

  • Terrible place. I’d rather have a McDonalds, Starbucks, or a Subway there.

  • Its closed the building is for lease.

  • place blows. definitely a front company.

  • Lived in the area forever and almost never saw a customer coming or going. Must have locked in a cheap lease years ago.

    I wonder what type of business could actually do well there? perhaps a multinational news and magazine shop that sells good bagels, coffee, and quality cigars.

  • cold, one of those already closed in Dupont, near Ruth’s Chris.

    This place was definitely a front. No question about it. They were surprised when customers came in, and mildly irritated.

    I wonder who is gonna scoop up that money corner building (used to house Long & Foster) next to Sherry’s, I’m hoping it’s a cool restaurant/bar.

  • Went in once last year and ordered 2 slices. The manager (owner?) was sitting at one of the tables eating and watching one of the Chucky movies (maybe Chuckie 4: Bride of Chucky?). No joke. They seemed to be wholly unprepared for my order. He got his associate (wife?) to make a whole pie, apparently from scratch, because it took about 30 minutes. Worst 2 slices of salty, salty pizza I’ve ever had.

    I’ve always wondered if this place is related to the rug shop next door that has had a “going out of business” sign in the window for about 10 years and in which I’ve never seen a customer.

    Seriously, how do places with no apparent revenue stream stay open?

    • that’s an easy one. a place like a pizza joint has lots of stuff it can write off as loss. every slice of unsold pizza gets tossed, and you write it off your taxes. so, if a drug dealer owned it, the pizza manager simply buys 20k worth of dough and writes off 40k in losses. Alternatively, the pizza place reports 40k in income (who’s the wiser) and pays tax on it. but now all that cash generated from selling drugs looks like a highly successful pizza joint. In the latter, everyone wins (sort of)

  • Good riddens! I tried to get a diet coke here once on my way to get my nails down next door (incidentally love Fancy Nails!!) – it was the middle of the day of a Saturday and the vibe from the 3 guys in the store felt so sketchy.

  • I actually have had them deliver, and I rather liked their Philly cheese steak and Gyro sandwich, so i wouldn’t say their food is a total wash. hope they reopen soon.

  • House of Philly reopened recently. Ridiculous name. Still seems the same menu and atmosphere. Almost always empty except for unsuspecting tourists who drop in from time to time. I had a calzone there once. Took way too long for the food to arrive. Mine was the only table in use. Very little sign the takeout business was doing any better. Must be a front. The staff seemed bewildered and reluctant.

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