Has Anyone Used the New Bike Station Outside Union Station


We’ve talked about this cool structure in the past, mostly admiring the architecture. But I walked by it this weekend and I’m wondering if any readers have used it? If so, what’s the early word?

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  • Love it! My office is off the MARC Camden line, and I live near Congressional Cemetery. Now I can bike to the train station without fear of my bicycle being stolen. Plus if its raining on the way back I can take a bus, and pick up my bike the next day, as they let you park your bike there overnight.

    I can’t say enough good things about the place, they fixed up my bike while I was at work one day too, since there is a repair shop on site.

    I hope this catches on, and we see our city’s transit hubs filled with bike stations.

  • yes, and the people in there were wonderful

  • Yes, and the staff is fantastic.

  • Vonstallin

    Wow that looks nice..
    any more pictures?

  • yes! i have indoor parking in my office building so i don’t need to park there, but i did bring my bike for a repair once when i snapped a break cable on the way to work. very friendly and convenient.

  • It’s awesome but sadly it doesn’t appear to get as much use as everyone thought it would. Hope it doesn’t close.

  • I think the location is great.
    The manager there is really knowledgeable and friendly.

  • I cant believe the city spent money on this

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