Guatemala Bakery No Longer Coming to 14th Street, NW


Back in November of 2008 we were expecting the arrival of Guatemala Bakery at 3531 14th Street, NW. Sadly this weekend the inevitable was confirmed. Fortunately SweetTime bakery is still open a few storefronts away at 3535 14th Street, NW.

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  • “Fortunately” SweetTime is still open? Have you been in there? I had the worst pastry of my life from that place. It was like they made it with oven cleaner instead of butter. Yes, yes. It’s better than an empty storefront. But not by much.

  • I’ve got a feeling Flip It on Georgia will go the same way. They don’t look busy. I really tried to like the place (it’s 2 blocks from my house), but they’re baking stuff I just don’t like.

  • I’d make a lovely dive bar where we can listen to Clash records and drink pabst.

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