Great Transom


Some weeks a I seem to obsess over a particular home’s feature. Sometimes it’s vestibules, stained glass, etc. For some reason this weekend I was fascinated by transoms. I’ve featured transoms before but will show many different styles this week. Most of them were found around Capitol Hill.

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  • I wonder if that 6 can be seen at night, or even the 1s masquerading as reeds. The only reason for having a house number is so that your house can be found: either by guests or emergency services. If you want to make an artistic statement with your transom, fine, but please make sure your numbers are legible, and make sure you have a light illuminating them at night!

  • Does anyone know of a good place or service that can install funky house numbers on my transom window?


  • @request

    I don’t know what you mean by funky, but there is an advertiser in the “DC North” who will paint number in a gold-type paint.

  • Daniel Wolkoff of adams morgan stained glass can make just about anything you want.. He rebuilt some historic leaded glass windows that we had…

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