Graffiti on Harvard Just West of Sherman


Thanks to a reader for the tip on this “interesting graffiti”. Shari may be the only declared challenger for Fenty next year…

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  • What about Lambchop?

  • Look at those drip marks.
    I expect better.

  • That’s not graffiti, it’s political messaging. Very different.

  • actually, that’s not true. as the city paper shows, leo alexander declared months ago.

  • At this point, I’d take Shari over Fenty any day. And I don’t even know Shari’s platform or political affiliation.

  • For those people who are in the anyone but Fentry crown. What exactly is it that you are upset about? Is it the fact that homicides are down to 1960 levels, or is it that D.C.’s population is going to pass the 600,000 mark in the next census? Oh wait, I’ve got it, it must be that the property prices within the District have remaines stable in comparrison to other citites, and that we have weathered the recession better than any other American city. I agree Metro sucks, and that Fenty is corrupt. If you think that there is going to be a mayor in this city who isn’t corrupt…you may be too stupid to deserve the right to vote. So common, what is it that makes you jump on the anyone but Fenty wagon?

  • the same type of graffiti is located on the escalator at Archives (Greenbelt side) and was wondering who Shari is…thought it was some bored school kid (maybe still is?)

  • The revolution is now.

    Anyone but Fenty.

  • Did anyone else read this as “Shart for mayor” or is it just me?

  • Gross vandalism is not a good thing, especially for someone who \might\ think they are qualified for office.

    Great way to advertise freak! Talk about campaign reform, lets just write all over every building in town!

    Ignorant fool…

    • This is bigger than posting your name all over every building in the city. The point is… ANYONE BUT FENTY. Don’t you get it? Like someone said uptop, this is not graffiti, this is political messaging.

  • Sure would be an interesting way to declare… And by interesting I don’t mean that I support graffiti by mayoral candidates.

    • You all are lost in the clouds. This blog has a bunch of gentrients that have no true understanding of this city… you just come in and decide what’s best for us, who should write what, who should run what, and who should stay in the city that has been ours for so long.

      • yes, we should leave the decision making of dc to people who grew up here.

        maybe even who’s grandfather grew up here.
        grandfather clauses are great.
        maybe newcomers can be counted as 3/5 of a person.

  • It’s graffiti. Plain and simple vandalism… When you accept crime you are part of the crime. There are laws against this nonsense Mr/Mrs Anonymous. I wonder how you might feel if this was your building.

    Political Messaging my … !

    Oh and by the way, I am a DC native. You?

  • Might we hear more from you, Mr. James ?

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