Good Deal or Not? Three Bed Condo Edition


This home is located at 1218 Girard Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“2 Brand new units! 2 lvls each w/ 3 spacious BRs & 3 BAs, modern kitchens w/ marble cntrs, custom cherry/espresso cabs, SS apps, bamboo hdwds, beautiful limestone baths, walk-in closets, built in sound system w/ IPOD docking stations, gas fireplcs, parking & decks off every floor! 1-$565,000 (model unit), 2-$635,000. Seller selects closing co.”

You can find more info and photos here.

I haven’t seen a three bedroom unit in a while. What do you think of the condo itself? Does $565,000 sound reasonable?

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  • Isn’t that block still not quite ready for prime time?

  • I toured this property when it was still up for sale (well under contract) last June, as I was interested in making an offer. It looked like no one had lived in it for the past 30 years. Old kitchen and this intercom system throughout the house. Red worn out carpet on the stairs and upstairs floors. Original bathrooms. But a few areas of some bad water damage. There was a lot of original pieces that could have been saved, woodwork, mantels, etc., but it looks like it was gutted completely. It was actually pretty creepy inside (mind you the sun was setting and I used the flash on from the camera on my phone to tour the property), and had some weird doctors office in the basement that had numerous fogged glass doors labeled “x-ray” and “private”, etc… I have no idea what happened in that basement in the past, but I am sure there are some ghosts living there that could tell you. There was also this weird “Church” room on the back of the house on the second floor. Overall just a scary house, although it is a shame they gutted it completely…I wouldn’t feel comfortable living there, gutted or not, after what I saw leftover in that house…Halloween 24/7 there…

  • That is a lot of house for that amount of money, and the rehab looks like a high-quality one. I think the location, so close to the epicenter of problems at Girard and 14th, is the only downside — a few more blocks away, I think this would be a GREAT deal, as it is, probably a fair deal taking that into account. I don’t like that half the place is basically in the basement, I’d be curious to see the top unit, which is of course priced higher accordingly.

  • It is only 1.5 blocks from 14th Street & Girard, but it is a world of difference in the feel of the block. That block is beautiful.

    Good deal.

  • I just love Mouse on House. I wish more sellers and agents would use it.

  • I lived on that block on 2004. It’s not the friendliest. Big difference between 13th Street end and 11th Street end. Sort of the big problem of CH where the very poor run up against quite the opposite.

    Although the block was always interesting at one point a whore house was raided across the street from there. People would still come by looking for it regularly. Good times.

  • That’s a scary neighborhood. Numerous bad things have happened to people I know right around there. It is completely naive to think that the neighborhood is going to change in a few years…in my experience housing projects don’t move in DC…ever, and there is a project just a block or two away. No thanks.

  • Whoo Hoo Mouse on House!

    Boo prefab, MDF moulding and doors!

  • I rented right next door to this property, 1216. The location is fantastic, we never had any issues on this block. I do know that we had major mold issues our landlord refused to take care of (that’s why we moved out). I hope it didn’t spread throught the walls…

  • Have lived on this block for two years and have NEVER had a single problem. It bears no resemblance to the bad image described by some posters. The problems at 14th and Girard were on the west side of 14th street. To the east, it is quite nice. And, keep in mind, these are long blocks. The neighbors are friendly. Honestly, I think this is one of the nicest blocks in CH. Not a “bad block” in the least. Honestly…where the heck do all of you live in CH that you are so far from crime and that your blocks are oh-so-much better? Seriously.

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