Good Deal or Not? “renovation worthy of Architectural Digest” Edition


This home is located at 3047 N Street, NW:

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The fliers says:

“Gorgeous C. Zapatka designed renovation worthy of Architectural Digest. Three levels of exquisite in-town living. Flagstone patios and gardens in front and back. Elegantly sited and recessed back from the streets. Two blocks to Wisconsin Ave. Three bedrooms and two a half baths.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

I know I should probably have waited for tomorrow’s house porn post but I couldn’t wait, I was so intrigued with this house. I was most taken by how skinny it is and was curious what the inside looked like. What do you think about the home itself? Think it is worthy of Architectural Digest? It’s yours for $1,329,000.

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  • whats up with the super gaudy decorating? why is there carpeting in the bedroom upstairs?

  • Note the leopard print carpeting on the hallway stairs……..

  • Is this location drawing all the money here? It’s not my style, but beyond that it looks incredibly small. The kitchen is fine, not special, the dining is tiny, no real living room, small bedrooms. I’m baffled by this price. 1 mill wouldn’t have shocked me, but 1.3 does

  • This is unmistakably the work of Gorgeous C. Zapatka, but I have nothing else nice to say about it, really.

  • Great location, but too small to be priced that high. And the mirrored backsplash in the kitchen??? In my house, that thing would be a constant commercial for Windex. I don’t know about Architectural Digest — I suppose part of architecture is making the most of what you’ve got, but it just doesn’t seem like you start with much in this case.

    And why did this house get to paint the wall of the building next door that bright blue in the backyard? Technically, that doesn’t strike me as a shared wall, as there is nothing on the other side of it.

    • They could have asked the neighbor if they could paint it. I know our former neighbors asked our house’s former owner if they could paint the side of our garage that faces their property, but I don’t think they actually had to.

  • This has to be a joke. The location and the back patio are the only redeeming qualities. These folks will be lucky to get $1m. Who would want to live in this house?!

  • I could see if in included a parking space

  • dude. what is the usable square footage?!

  • agreed. $1.3M is incredibly steep. I know it says 3 bedrooms but all of the rooms are super tiny. It looks more like it should be a 2 bedroom with super tiny living room, kitchen, and dining.

    The decor is average. The patio is sweet.

    Maybe I’m just out of it, but I don’t see this as being worth more than $750K because of the square footage.

    maybe $1M if it was double the square footage and includes a garage or off street parking.

  • I saw this place during an open house a few months ago. It feels possibly even smaller than it looks in the photos. While I’m not a fan of the decor, it was interesting because you could feel how the house was laid out and used 100 years ago.

    And I know that it’s Georgetown, but there is no way this house is worth $1.3 million,

  • House square footage: 1540 — Lot size: 837
    Works out to $863 per sq.foot.

  • Wow, I never thought I’d see something skinnier than my own apartment. This is bitty! The picture with the bed going across the width of the room shows that this house is only about 8 or 9ft wide, max.

    As someone who lives in a railcar apartment, I can tell you that skinny is certainly tolerable for a few years, but not something you’d actually want to buy and have a family in.

  • Never has a relator comment caused more of a LOL — no — a ROFL — than one suggesting this belongs in AD.

  • Well, it’s worth whatever someone pays for it, isn’t it? Are you expecting it to appreciate? I wouldn’t bet on it in this economy. Are you OK if it depreciates? Then have at it.

  • Ahhhhh ha ha ha ha ha…This is a joke, right? “Architectural Digest Ready”? Please tell me you linked to the wrong house.

  • A bed barely fits lengthwise in this house. C’mon!

  • Doll House Architectural Digest.

    Those pictures made me so calustrophobic I am now nauseous.

    To me, the house is worthless with no usable interior space. Some idiot will pony up $1 million to say they live in G’town.

  • New York’s skinniest house just sold for $2.1M. Of course it’s got a ton of history too — former home of Cary Grant, Margaret Mead, and Edna St. Vincent Millay. It’s only 9.5ft wide and 30ft deep. But located well in the Village. Perhaps they think there’s a new trend for super skinny homes?!

  • Architectural digest in 1985 maybe. Seems pretty high to me. Location and a terrace do not make up for a house that is narrower than most people’s wingspan.

  • btw. It sold back in 2006 for 1.03M. interesting that they’re listing it at 30% over PEAK bubble price.

  • Knock a million off the asking price and we’ll talk…maybe. I don’t know who would be crazy enough to pay $1.3m for that shoebox. And to live in Georgetown? I lived in Georgetown and moved out as soon as I had the chance. Who would pay million-dollar premium to live around rude neighbors in an area with terrible traffic and poor public transportation?

  • Note the realtor. Combing one of the top selling agents in GT with a no-expenses barred decorator, and you’ll get some sucker to move in. Notice, however, the living room with fireplace and sofa. Now imagine yourself sitting on that sofa with a roaring fire in the fireplace. Roasted kneecaps anyone? But they’ll get the price in GT. There are lots of places that size in which there is not enough room to swing a dead cat, but people grab them up at ridiculous prices.

  • ugh…”combine” not “combing”….

  • I LOVE the leopard print staircase, the pink walls, and the yellow and orange print wallpaper…AHEM!!…

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