Good Deal or Not? Renovated Rowhouse in Petworth


This home is located at 4125 4th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Gorgeous urban renovation, tastfully completed. Recess lighting, crown molding, exposed brick, granite kitch + bath, lots of storage (incl. attic), mudd room and bonus room on main lvl. New windows, double deck and two car parking w/ plenty of street prkg. Proximity to metro trasport/downtown/restaurants/shopping a plus.”

You can find more info and photos here.

Wow, I’m pretty impressed with the photos. I had no idea it looked like this on the inside. Full disclosure: I live nearby, not sure how much that drags down the price… So what do you think of the photos? Does $409,500 sound reasonable for this 3 bed/2 bath?

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  • Down right affordable!

  • Oh my goodness, that house is beautiful. Great deal, I think.

  • Agreed – great deal. Surprised they aren’t asking a bit more.

  • Great Deal!!!!!!

  • Surprisingly pleasant and non-generic renovation (I’m looking at you, Home Depot-beige tile/cabinets/and granite flippers!). Love the original unpainted moldings as well.

    I must say though, I would not trust myself to park on that concrete pad on certain late nights… Definitely would need a guard rail there!

  • Hope the buyer keeps the metal awnings. Those things are a big part of what makes the neighborhood distinctive.

    • I always thought those were really ugly and upractical. Without seeing this place in person I’d say it is priced right where it should be. It’s a really nice looking house in a pleasant neighborhood.

      • saf

        I have similar awnings. Hated them when we bought the place. Now I still hate how they look, but I would replace them (with better looking awnings) if they fell off. They make a huge difference in heating/cooling and in porch useability.

        • thanks, good to know

        • What saf said. We have metal awnings that I hated when we moved in and I vowed then to remove them one day. After 5 years, though, it has become obvious that they do help with cooling/heating and make it much more comfortable for me to sit on my front porch during rain or snow.

  • I think the house is stunning, and worth more than $409!

  • I agree that they’ve done a great job renovating the inside of the house, but it’s a shame that the outside doesn’t seem to match. Hey, Ugly Metal Awnings…I’m lookin’ at YOU. And while the addition provides a great closet for the back bedroom, I don’t think I’d want my clothes exposed to all that sunlight (easily fixed with some blinds or curtains, but still).
    For that price, I’d say good deal. Would be interested to see what it eventually sells for.

  • The metal awnings keep the sun out of the windows in the hot summer. If you have mediocre windows they’ll go a long way to lowering the house temperature. That’s why they were put on…back before AC. especially effective on south facing windows….probably worthless on north facing.

    • They are worthless on North facing houses; we finally got all ours down and are stunned by the increase in light… especially as there’s a big oak right out front that already helps in summer!

  • Wow! The house I live in has the exact same layout as this house but is not newly renovated. Knocking out the kitchen wall to make the island makes a HUGE difference, I must say – my kitchen would feel so much less cramped without that wall.

    They did a great job on the sleeping porch, too. I want this house!

    • It’s the same layout as my place too. I knocked out the kitchen/dining room wall and put an island, but mine was a load bearing wall so we had to keep a column. And yes it makes a huge difference. You go from having a tight, galley kitchen to an open flowing space.

  • Good deal. Looks like a great place.

    It is somewhat similar to my house, so seeing the price above 400 makes me happy.

  • i think it looks like a good deal (even w/ the awnings and odd looking back parking/deck thing). was going to go look at it, but have heard that there are already (or will soon be?) multiple offers. would be surprised if it doesn’t go for more than asking b/c $409k is loooow.

  • I live nearby and am looking at a very similar renovation strategy. I look forward to seeing what the purchase price is, to see how much room I have to move in terms of renovating.

  • given the lack of closet/storage space in many of these old houses, it’s a great use of space. if this were my place, i’d take it a step further and install a high-end closet organization with paneling and drawers etc…

  • as long as i can flip it next spring for 550, no problem.

  • Lovely. The house is renovated but still has soul.

  • The mirror by the stairs messed me up for a bit. I thought the living room was on the other side of the brick wall.

  • How much more do you think this house will go for if it was say within 4 blocks of the petworth or Columbia heights metro?

    • I think if this house were in Columbia Heights it could go for $550K; right by the Petworth metro maybe $450K. This house isn’t that far from the metro, maybe 6 blocks, and IMHO still in the most desirable part of Petworth.

      I do sigh a bit that this house looks nicer inside than my own house I bought in 2005 for $420K. Prices still have a way to come back up for those of us who bought at the peak. I wouldn’t be surprised though if this house goes for over the asking price. I love it.

  • This went under contract last night for for somewhere in the 400-409 range. It was priced well, some of the renovations were not quite as nice as the pictures suggested, but over all a very good deal right now.

  • I visited this house this past weekend with a friend and what you see is not what you get. The pictures here are the most flatterig depiction this house could have.

    The front door was prehung and whoever installed it haphazardly cut the beautiful door casing and slapped it in. The rest of the wood casing and molding has been damaged in many places and improperly repaired. There is black mold in the corner of two rooms. The kitchen cabinets look beautiful until you touch them and realize that they are paper thin = cheap. The granite has very visible and poorly done seams. The kitchen floor has a huge water stain around the dishwasher which means that there are likely worse issues underneath. The basement has a tenant living below and is a wreck. I could go on.

    This house died by a thousand tiny cuts. I wish it was what the pictures make it seem to be.

  • Not much curb appeal, but a nice renovation on the interior. 409k for that much space renovated and no condo fee doesn’t insult my sensibilities in the least. I can see why it’s already under contract.

    Lone suspicious question: windows are open in the basement shot. Could it be that they are airing it out after moisture got in there??

  • fyi – this one is under contract now

  • Seems decent. I don’t think it’s underpriced or overpriced. I expect it will sell relatively easily.

  • i’ll give ya 215,000 for it five years from now. you’re welcome.

  • Who is the contractor who did this work?

  • My windows face east/west (we live on a number street). They really help on both sides in our situation.

  • I actually toured this house when it was on the market the first go ’round (and priced quite a bit more). I also spoke with the owner – who bought it as a single guy and spent the next year renovating it (read: amateur DIY). Some of the problem points I had with it seem to have been remedied, but there were some more major things including neighbors and general lack of upkeep. I agree with MF — the photos definitely make it seem better than it really is, there will be more work to be done.

  • I toured the house and wouldn’t pay that price for it. The lot is horrible, the cheap wood deck was put up in back because of the otherwise useless yard, and the concrete parking pad looms over the house giving you a “boxed-in” feel. House had many minor flaws, as mentioned above, and some major water damage to the floors (very expensive to fix, who knows where else there is more water damage, too). I understand it went under contract, but I would never have been interested in a house on that lot. Decent house, unfortunate lot.

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