Good Deal or Not? “Remodeled Victorian” Edition


This home is located at 612 R Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Fully Remodeled Victorian TH with beautiful Rental English Basement Apt. getting $1500 monthly. All new interior with Exceptional Architecturl Details. Large room sized and Soaring Ceilings. MASTER BR HAS: 12FT Tray Ceiling, Super Bath with Whirlpool Tub & 2 Walk-In Closets. Fenced back yard, Patio & Deck.”

You can find more info and photos here.

I thought this was a pretty unique looking rowhouse from the outside. I had no idea it was totally renovated as well. What do you think of the renovation? My initial feeling is that the asking price is a bit too high for this location. Though given the size and the ability to rent out the basement does $939,000 sound reasonable?

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  • I actually just looked at this house online the other day and thought it was a horrible deal.

  • There is no way that house is worth $939k in this market. I don’t care if it is two blocks from the metro, it is just a horrible deal. I could see for closer to $650 or so. Damn

  • They’re dreaming. Look at the comps – you’ll find very few houses selling over even $500K east of 7th St. in the last year.

  • Bad Deal. I would say $800k tops. I disagree that there aren’t houses selling for more than 500k east of 7th street. There are plenty of houses selling for more than that. A house is under contract for approximately $830k on 6th and R which is right around the block from this one. That house is bigger and has a large two car garage which is why I think this one should be less ($800k).

  • No, I can’t wait until the house tax credit is over with, because then I might start seeing some reasonable prices. These real estate robber barons must really think people are sheep. What does 8 grand matter if your paying 300 grand more for the house?

  • Over $900K and no off-street parking? Total rip-off.

  • Being a long time Shaw resident and in the market for a house, your posting literally made me laugh out loud. The listing agent missed the proper price point by about $300,000 or roughly 50% of the home’s value.

  • way overpriced. almost $1M and no parking!

    sully – can’t take the home buyer credits if the house is over $800k anyway, so not sure that’s a factor here.

  • Is this the worst deal ever on PoP?

  • Why all the pessimism? I think this is potentially a good deal. The house looks like it is in great condition. It is a few blocks from the metro so the fact that it doesn’t contain off-street parking should not be a detriment. The house has unique architectural details yet has been renovated fantastically. I truly believe this house has a lot of potential. Assuming the bars on the windows and doors protect about 150,000 one dollar bills that convey, this is a pretty good deal.

  • Sigh, where to start: tiny kitchen, unispired cheap bathroom fixtures, and no parking.

    Floors are lovely and the arch is a nice touch.

  • are you kidding?! this is a fantastic deal. don’t you people realize we have hit bottom? the market can only go up from here. this will definitely be worth 500k more next year.

  • the housing project across the street adds to the ambiance.

  • About 133% about a sane price to start. Seller must think it is 2006, oh and the house is right off of Logan Circle

  • I hate yellow.

  • That could be the least functional ‘modern’ kitchen I’ve ever seen… virtually no above-the-counter storage and pretty limited cabinet space in general, actually. I guess if you want a rental unit, don’t cook/have dishes, and have a few hundo-K to throw down… this place is perfectly overpriced.

  • Just throwing this out there, but I was also curious to know how exactly they fit 5 bedrooms and 4 baths into that place…

  • Great lord, that in not worth .9 mil.
    A- No yard
    B- No real street parking
    C- Nobody seems to shovel their sidewalk on that block, which is a sign of a poor neighborly vibe
    D- The sidewalk is crap
    E- Right off RI Ave, so the traffic is a bit loud

    Seriously, this could sit across the street from the metro and it wouldn’t be worth as much as advertised. If you’re looking for a house there are better deals, and if you’re going to pay that much, there are better houses.

    • actually, it does sit across the street from the Metro. certainly not worth anything near that price, though.

  • this has been on the market for about a million bucks for a VERY long time – at least a year.

  • Are you kidding me on the unique architectural details and being renovated fantastically? Do you see the cheap-ass, ugly kitchen, particle board doors, prefab moulding, and junky hardware?!

  • L to the O to the L
    Seriously, houses on 14th and Swann go for less.

  • I’d like to see this magical basement apartment that is renting for $1500 in Shaw…

  • There’s something off about the inside of the house….

  • The seller and his/her Realtor are delusional.

  • Actually,

    I think this is a pretty good deal. I tried to run comps three years back and couldn’t find anything to compare. The sheer size makes this a good deal in my opinion. Just blocks away 3 bedroom condos are going for over 750,000. This is a FULL house.

    • Out of your mind. Plenty of FULL houses in that neighborhood for much less than $900k. The house linked to above for example.

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