Good Deal or Not? “one of a kind building built in the 20’s” Edition


This condo is located at 1613 Harvard Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“2 blocks from the Columbia Heights metro, at the entrance to Adams Morgan. Walk to Target, Best Buy, Giant and many more retail and restaurants. Live in a one of a kind building built in the 20’s with original hardwood floors, high ceilings, large bedrooms, marble, tile and balcony! Building is featured in the “Best Addresses” book.”

You can find more info here.

Sadly there are no photos but I’m intrigued by this property due to the price and location. I think the location is terrific given the proximity to Adams Morgan, Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights. The studio is going for $204,900 and a one bedroom is going for $367,900. Sound reasonable?

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  • Def sounds reasonable. But I wonder why there are no pics? Are these presales or are the units already renovated and ready to go?

  • 367K for a 770 sq foot one bedroom in Mt Pleasant is definitely too high.

  • Hard to tell without pics. I do love the location, though. It’s pretty central to just about everything in that area.

  • i’m inclined to think the studio pricing is not bad, assuming the unit decor doesn’t suck. original 1920s hardwood floors sound fantastic, and the location is pretty great, though haven’t hung out there in the wee hours. post some photos people!

  • VERY reasonable just for the location. Even if these aren’t in great condition, it is hard to believe a one bedroom would sell for less than $380 in that area. The HOA fees aren’t even bad. I’m trying to figure out the catch.

  • some of the studio floorplans kind of suck (i.e. only one window in the far corner):

    • The unit for sale is #204, which I presume corresponds to the “tier 4” studio on the floorplan map. So not the worst, but not the best either.

      Why advertise “live in a one of a kind building with balconies and large bedrooms” if the unit actually for sale is a studio with no balcony, though? “Look at all this cool stuff you could have if you’d bought a better unit!”? Weird.

  • According to the floor plans, it looks as though there aren’t any closets for the second bedrooms in the 2BR units. Are the two bedrooms supposed to share the giant closet right outside the first bedroom? I loved this building when it was a rental. I hope they didn’t chop it up too much.

  • A few potential catches: Common laundry facilities. Only one bathroom per unit. Web site says parking is available, but I only see a handful of spots tucked in behind the building.

  • There are some pictures of a 2 bedroom unit on It’s probably my computer but I had issues trying to get to and get out of this website. It’s best to google the address and get into the website that way.

  • Wow. The 2-BR units don’t have any private closets. Some of them have access from the BR to a hallway closet that would presumably be shared with the other BR (or else that BR would have to truck across to the LR for that closet).

    Doesn’t seem ideal to me.

  • I used to live in this building as a rental three years ago. The tenants went through two years of h*ll when they tried to illegally convert it to condos without going through the proper channels. The building ultimately remained as a rental until now. They renovated the units but it seems they put in cheaper stuff (i.e. cabinets and appliances) more suited for rentals than condos.

  • I think the big downer here is the lack of in unit laundry. I am looking at condos now and I could not imagine owning but still not having my own washer/dryer.

  • Considered renting a 1-br in this buidling a few years back. The layouts are absolutely horrible. Owning a unit and having to carry a laundry basket through the building is laughable.

  • saf

    We lived here, in one of the FABULOUS corner one bedrooms in 1988-1989. Loved the place. Looking at the floor plans, it looks like they changed a few things (like, the second door from my old apartment to the hallway is missing now.)

    They had filed the papers to go condo even before we lived there, but had never exercised the option. And yes, that caused them legal trouble when they tried this last time, a couple years back.

    Did you notice that nowhere on that page does it talk about Mt Pleasant? I find that odd.

    • Ha! I lived down the block during those years. You could buy your crack and get bitten by rats in the park across the street back then!

      • saf

        Before we moved there, I lived in the Park Plaza – a total slum! – and the attachment lived in Shaw. We could get crack and rats in those places too.

        Did you hang out in Mt Pleasant or Adams Morgan (or elsewhere) then? I tended bar a couple places around those neighborhoods in those days.

        It was a lovely apartment.

  • I just moved out of there because we couldn’t afford to buy. I lived in an amazingly HUGE 2 bedroom with balcony. The closets are not in the bedrooms but one was enormous and the other one was decent sized (not to mention the walk-in closet at the front door). They offered to let us buy for $500k – as amazing as the apartment was and as hard as it was for us to leave – without a washer and dryer (as well as the price) we couldn’t even consider it. The floors are beautiful, you can’t hear your neighbors, it’s a great location. Can you tell I was sad to go?

  • I used to live in this building. I had lots of light, but was facing 16 & MtP so it was noisy.

    As a renter (1br $1600 +150 pking behind building), I was happy. I was not going to pay what they were asking.

    There are no w/d hookups. There is mold in the building.

  • I have lived in the building for about a year now and it has been a horrible experience. The heat and AC frequently break and the apartment is infested with roaches where we kill at least one a day plus had a mouse problem for awhile. Granted I live on the first floor which tends to have more bugs and a lot of my problems have stemmed from poor building management but I would not recommend anyone buy a condo here. In addition to those problems there’s no front desk service for package receiving or security and with the side door frequently broken I wouldn’t call it safe.

  • does anyone know anything about the roof on this building? is it old? have there been leaks? and regarding the security… have there been a lot of break-ins?

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