Good Deal or Not? Knights in Shining Armor Edition


This home is located at 1344 Taylor Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“REDUCE 25K! SHORT SALE! Gorgeous, large row house restored to orig. 2 yrs ago, Gourmet kitchen, granite counters, s/s appl hardwood floors, 2 blocks from Rock Creek Park, Great setback from street, wrought iron gate in front w/ stonework, beautiful front porch. Enclosed back yard w/ landscaped garden, outdoor kitchen & deck, 2 car garage+1 pkg spac. 1BR BSMT APT $1,250 Mnth. Third party approval req”

You can find more info and photos here.

Wow, we had a talk about this house a couple years ago when I was admiring the knights. I was pretty psyched at the opportunity to see some photos from inside. What do you think of the renovation? The price has dropped pretty significantly. It was originally on the market for $675,000 and is now asking $495,000. Sound reasonable? Do you think the knights are included…?


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  • It’s a great deal at that price, although since it’s a short sale I’d guess they’ve just listed it low to draw buyers in, with the expectation that the bank will require that the price be raised for the sale to go through.

  • The renovation is nice. Unfortunately, all I remember about the house is there are tacky tin soldiers on the front porch. They need to go if they hope to sell that house.

  • That master bath shower and tub are very strange/awkward, and the front is too much. Other than that though it looks super nice.

  • I think it is a great deal. Bathrooms are a little odd, but nothing that wouldn’t be easy to fix. They should “stage” it a little make it look nicer. It looks lived in by a family (and way nicer than my house looks) but I bet they could raise the price just with a little staging and rearranging the furniture in the living room.

  • i think home prices need to fall another 20%

  • These short sale are really starting to bum me out.

  • have these people heard of flash photography?

  • I want the knights. And the house is a great deal if you can actually close on it at that price (which is doubtful, though not impossible.)

  • On the DC tax records, the owner is not listed as an individual but rather MSP LLC . . . a limited liability corporation? The house was purchased in 2005 for $315,000

  • LLC probably one or two people who bought to renovate and flip. That is S.O.P so no personal liability for slip and falls, etc (that being said, they surely had to personally guarantee their loan, so they are still in trouble personally on that).

  • I don’t understand why anyone doing a major house renovation/flip would not install central air. The flippers installed an outdoor kitchen, but left the house with window A/C units? Not to mention the weird master bath layout. Poor choices.

  • Kind of off-topic, but, try taking some sharp pictures, realtor!

  • Oh I wouldn’t call them flippers. They’ve been in that house for a long while. Nice folks too. Thought they’d stay in DC for a long time. Iranian I believe. They definitely remodeled that house to stay in. Don’t live on that block any more, so I wonder what happened.

  • if $495k is a real price, not a short sale price, it is off the market in one day. I really wish there wouldn’t be short sales on GDON, because the price doesn’t mean anything.

    I find it fascinating that they have this huge fence out front, and just in case you didn’t get the hint, the knights. Could you be any more blatant in your attempt to cut yourself off from the neighborhood and its problems? i wonder what the neighbors think of these people.

  • I rented a place on 13th street from the owner. He’s probably the scummiest person I’ve met in my entire life. I’ve never imagined people could say the hateful, disgusting things that came out of his mouth.

  • Definitely not worth the price, and a short sale to deal with! Waste of time.

  • Hm, the bathroom has a claw foot tub and a jacuzzi?

  • I rented from the the guy who owns the house, Mark. He defiantly flips houses, just lives in them while he does it. Everything in the house we lived in was very poorly done, looked nice at first glance, but nothing was installed properly. Please be careful if you are thinking about renting from this guy, he is a total jerk and very scary. We moved out of the place we were renting because we could not stand him. He will defiantly try to jack the price up and is not someone you can negotiate with.

  • I almost rented from the guy that owns the house and did the renovation himself. My impression was he is a bit eccentric, but does really quality work. Like the posted directly above, he is a bit weird and inappropriately touchy.

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