Go Mama Go! Going Out of Business at 1809 14th Street, NW


Saw this sad news from Borderstan yesterday. We visited Go Mama Go! back in June of ’08. They include a press release from the owner:

“Go mama go!, the vibrant housewares, accessories and gift shop on 14th Street NW , will be closing its doors in the next few months, according to its owner, Jonathan Chudnoff.

Chudnoff attributes the closing to the twin blows of the general economic decline and the death of the store’s founder, Noi Chudnoff, whose dynamic spirit, creativity and personality were key ingredients in the store’s early success.”

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  • The Black Dog should open up a satellite location here. See what happens.

  • Sad. I’ve picked up many a last-minute gift there, and always enjoyed the experience.

  • bummer. i had really enjoyed shopping there, with the variety of porcelain, vietnamese crafts, chopsticks, etc.

    i was hoping it would last….

    it was a great place to go meandering on a date. the “meanderings” for dates are drying up in the area.

    i miss the places where you could walk around, peruse stuff, and get to know your date.

    ugh. i hope something cool opens up there….

  • The place was full of overpriced, useless crap!

  • I have been living on u st for 12 years all off the boutiques and high priced stores in the area have gone out of business. This area is only good for restaurants.

  • How come this place did not survive, a lot of people claimed to shop there. We need a mini walmart on 14th street. Low Prices, and old people, single mothers and young men will get jobs on the back lot

  • aww rats, i recently went in there for the first time and bought a cool asian statue. too bad it is going away.

  • Yeah, what a bummer. I always bought my Christmas presents here. But I have to admit I was shocked when they DIDN’T go out of business when the founder died about a year or two ago.

  • I agree that is sad

  • It’s a shame that a store like this with personality is closing. I think WaPo did a piece on it a while back. What happened to the store nearby also on 14th that was run by a Vietnamese family that had lived in France called Rue 14? Wonder if it’s still open. I know it suffered from a robbery/shoplifting incident.

  • Its ok i am just waiting for POP to announce the new restaurant that will be opening in its place

  • i went in there about 30 times. i spent maybe as many dollars.
    its my fault.

    its an interesting shop, but the focus was on imports, many of which can be gotten cheaper elsewhere. we need a place in the district like art spring in silver spring. cool gifts at affordable prices made by local artisans.


    • Hmmm i bet you work there or own the place.

      • nope. but i am an artist and i used to have work there.
        none right now though. i’ve had pieces at go mama go in years past too.

        but i am a proud dc resident, and i wish there were more places like it in dc itself.

        anyway man, its not like i expect anyone in dc to trek to SS just for a gift. i wouldnt. i’m much rather shop on 14th. but its a good model for a shop.

        sorry if i sounded like a commercial. i didnt mean to.

  • to paul: every boutique has gone out of business on u street? what about NANA and Millennium Decorative Arts and Expectical Eyewear to name a few that have been around for quite a while… millennium has been there for 17 years i think?

  • Would like to know when the closeout sale is going to start!

  • da poo:

    too right. it was a great place for meandering…not just with dates, but with visitors to our fair city who might never have seen such a variety of wonderful things, all priced within one’s range.

  • Very sad. I enjoyed the meandering as well as a few shopping sprees over the years. Just recently bought one of those paper stars as my daughter’s night light.

    But even more sad about the owner Noi. She was always very nice to me and I got to practice my Thai with her. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand and in a previous life, Noi was a PCV language instructor in Thailand.

    I love DC.

    Sia jai maak.

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