Ghana Cafe Finally Re-Opens on 14th Street!

Thanks to a reader for the heads up. We’ve been anticipating the opening on 14th Street south of Rhode Island (near the 7-11) for quite a while. I stopped by Tuesday afternoon and the owner let me take some photos and sent me the menus (which may be tweaked a bit including adding more items). He said they are open as of 6:30pm on Tuesday evening and it will sorta be a soft opening. I have to say the space looks great.


There’s even an upstairs:


They also feature beers specially imported from Ghana (apparently the one in the middle really packs a punch):


You can see the menus (including a Vegetarian menu) after the jump.

Appetizers and Drinks


Regular Menu Page 1

Regular Menu Page 2

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  • If its anything like the old location then they’ll be out of both Star and Club in a few days.

  • Good news – the interior looks nice and there is red red on the menu.

  • The break dancing Greek American comes through again!

  • Good to see some life in that long-dormant spot. I work very close to this, & will have to dig the one in the middle, soon.

  • Does anyone know who’s moving in to the old location in AM?

  • Recently, my partner and a friend, who worked for the Peace Corp in Ghana, went to check it out. It was tasty home-cooked authentic Ghanian food and reminded me of some dishes you might find in the Carribean. We had Fufu, Banku, and Jollof Rice. All of which were well-seasoned and flavorful. Goat seems to be most popular here. The beers were the local Ghana beers, Guilder, Star, and Club – all much larger in size than American beers and with a better “kick” to them as well.

    Ghana Cafe is definitely worth a try!
    “Eat outside the box!”

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