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This rental is located at First Street NW at New York Avenue NW:

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The craigslist ad says:

“1 Bedroom apartment in 4 unit building. Central Air, Washer/Dryers, parking, pets possible. Near Dog park. 6 blocks to Georgetown law school, 10 blocks to capital Hill, 7 blocks to chinatown. 3 blocks to red green and yellow line metros. Available February 1st.”

We’ve definitely looked at this house before. I’ve always admired that balcony up top. So do you think $1225 sounds reasonable for this 1 bedroom?

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  • I think that location is a little awkward for that price, but if you are a dog-owning motorist it might be worth it.

  • The neighborhood is coming up and very cool

  • In a few years that neighborhood will be DC’s version of Tribeca!

  • yeh that’s a bit greedy. the neighborhood is on the rise. but i keep hearing that the stores down the street get robbed a lot. also, i’ve seen cars’ windows broken out and radios missing more than once on M street.

  • I actually looked at buying a place on that block not that long ago. But I definatly think that is pricey for that nieghborhood. I am over at 10th and M and have a 2 bedroom for 1500. 1 brs in my buildin at 1100, and our is a much more desirable area than 1st and NW.

  • With big bear cafe, an art gallery coming and new restaurants opening it is really worth it.

  • If it is the same one I looked at a year ago, def worth it. It was the top floor apt. with the colorful balcony.

  • Talk them down a little but the neighborhood is on the rise, a thousand seems more appropriate.

  • I love the neighborhood despite its challenges, it is changing but hard to say if the apartment is worth it without pics, size, etc. A washer and dryer is nice though and it is only getting better. Northwest one is suppose to break ground in the spring a huge plus.

  • It was owned by Brian Brown, so think it’s probably nice. That neighborhood is pretty cool, I think. Also close to 395, 2 metros, Safeway, etc. It’s not Logan, but it has come a LONG way for sure. I think it’s a fair deal.

  • The pictures are from two-and-a-half years ago?

  • Everything depends on the apt, but as people have said in the posts, it is getting better and better in the neighborhood and the homes on new York have a ton of character

  • That part of my neighborhood is still a bit “stabby” so I would want the price dropped.

  • Agree with Brian – if you have a dog, and a car, dislike basements, and are looking for a 1BR in the city, this will appeal to you. Otherwise I think it’s a little overpriced for the neighborhood (but not much, 1BRs in DC are expensive!)

  • Where exactly is the dog park that it is near?

  • Hey RT – I’m interested in your building! Think there are any openings for March 1?

  • They must be referring to the big fenced-in grassy area right across the street from this house for the dog park. Even though it’s not officially for this function, there are no signs directing otherwise and no other obvious uses.

    I think this is a pretty cool section of town. It’s right between Big Bear and CityVista (with Busboys, Safeway, Taylor). Big news for rentals in the area is that the Yale Laundrey group is finally kick-starting construction in their huge pit on NY Ave, just a couple of blocks down the road from this house. Guess what a one-bedroom will rent for there? Yeah, a lot.

  • If you like tons of traffic with MD plates on the cars, this place is for you. The area is overrun with commuter traffic. Also, Sursum Corda is across the avenue.

    The building immediately to the south of this building is a halfway house for men. You can see the fire-escape of the halfway house on the right edge of the first photo.

    Brian Brown’s “Firehouse” restaurant feel through for financial reasons, so if he does own this building, be wary of maintence and repair response.

    You can walk to Big Ben Liqours right around the corner, if you’re into that sort of thing.

  • ‘fell through…’

  • “In a few years that neighborhood will be DC’s version of Tribeca!”

    Yes, Robert DeNiro and Francis Ford Coppola will own and operate movie studios and boutique hotels in this part of DC. Just like Tribeca in NYC.

    Just give it a “few years”.

  • seems worth it to me.
    this place is near two metro stops.
    walkable to noma/ union station/ chinatown/downtown. a new rec center and library 1.5 blocks away.
    it’s across from a park, the first desegregated park in the city.

    to me the location is fantastic. i walk this area a lot and ( knock on wood ) haven’t had any problems.

    sursum corda is pretty much closed, isnt it? in any case, its not anything like it was in the past.

    is there crime and a lot of traffic? yep.
    still, i think its a good place.

  • Hey everybody, let’s play spot the spammer! I bet you can find at least 3 posters in this comment thread who are obviously an interested party talking this place up.


    Pretty overpriced for a crappy, noisy location. I guess parking and pets make it marginally worth it, but this is still a rough, loud area.

  • “a new rec center and library 1.5 blocks away.”

    Yeah, the new Sursum Corda rec center and library is across NY Ave. Whoops, I meant to say the new “Northwest One” rec center and library. Enjoy.

  • I don’t know about Tribeca but I did read they were thinking of putting an art gallery in the area on North Capitol in an abandoned fire station. I think that I read that on this site but not sure. Still sounds over priced but….

    • no. actually you read a rumor that there -may- be a temporary arts usage for the firehouse. no one mentioned gallery.

      besides, the firehouse on north capital isnt really near this property. this apartment is closer to that firehouse on thats a gym.

  • What does a one bedroom go for in the area?

  • $1000 max unless it’s over 800 sq ft.

  • I work at that library and just walked up that stretch of NY Ave the other day. Some great looking houses, but that price seems a real stretch given how the block looked in the middle of the afternoon (in terms of trash drifts on the sidewalk, winos, and people heading too/from the nearby meth clinic).

    Yes, there is some cool nearby walkable stuff, but I’d question the extent to which you’d really want to walk around there after dark. It all depends on the individual tolerance for risk, but I certainly wouldn’t chose to live there.

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