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  • Not only that, there are still foxes in DC. Not only in Rock Creek, too – I saw one at Hain’s Point last year

  • and there are raccoons up the wazoo. i had one come inside my house in georgetown, and another one in my new place in NE dc. the sucker actually walked in, looked at me, and ambled out the back door. oh, and we have a family of possums living in the alley…

  • This reminds me of the Middleburg Christmas Parade they had in the snow last year, Pictures from the parade from the Washington Post were absolutely beautiful.

  • I believe that there is still a very active fox hunting association in NoVa.

  • Wherever you had old-timey rich folk, you were bound to have fox hunting!

  • My house is adjacent to the Georgetown University campus. I have seen snakes, foxes, raccoons, possums, an owl and deer (as well as drunk girls) in my backyard. Thus, DC is full of wild animals!

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