Dear PoP – Where to Get Art Framed?

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“Dear PoP,

Where is the best place to get a piece of art framed? I have a piece that is on thick paper and is roughly 2.5′ by 4′ (kind of large, so I’m sure it will be expensive). I’ve been putting off framing it for a while now, but I just need to plunk down the cash and do it. I live in Adams Morgan, so anything close by is a plus.”

I’ve recently been going the Target route and haven’t been very happy with the results. I know there is a place in Cleveland Park on Conn. Ave but it is a bit pricey. Does anyone know of some reasonably priced local spots to get art framed?

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  • I really like the Picture Frame Factory in Adams Morgan (2300 18th Street). It’s a local business, reasonably priced, and they do a good job and are really nice.

    • I’ll second the nod to Picture Frame Factory. Dude who runs the business has always been very reasonable and decent. I’ve had a bunch of custom frames done there, and all the corners meet like they were built by angels.

    • Agree with the above posts. While not a classily named place – I’ve had many things framed there and they all look wonderful. It’s also extremely convenient to those of us in Adams-Morgan – right next to the Post Office at 18th and Kalorama.

  • There’s a good place on Columbia Rd between 18th and 19th. Can’t recall the name…

    • Garry Taylor’s. He really good, though not cheap.

      • I just had an old family picture framed there as a holiday present. It was not cheap – though I don’t know what the standard price for that sort of thing is – but it came out beautifully and he did it in just two days (during the snow storm) so I had it before leaving town.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I’ve been meaning to try that place on 18th, good to know they do a good job and are nice. I’ve got a bunch of things that need framing.

  • Frame of Mine in Capitol Hill is great. They offer discounts if you can put the frame together yourself. It is well worth it, and they often help you make sure it’s right. Have had great experiences with them.

    • I’ll second Frame of Mine. Had a set of photos done there. Local business, very nice owner, excellent results.

    • 4th for Frame of Mine. If you go the assemble-it-yourself route it’s pretty reasonable, and dead easy. They do they hard part: cutting the frame, mattes and glass to measure. They have a Chinese New Year sale every year that should be coming up (runs about a month). Pick a cookie out of a jar and you get whatever discount is on the piece of paper. I think minimum is 10% and there are always a few 20%-50% and one totally free cookie. Been using them for years even though it is a haul. Pretty convenient by Metro, though.

  • A friend swears by Framers Worksop in Tenley for quasi-DIY but very high quality framing.

    4431 Wisconsin Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20016
    (202) 363-1970

    Longview Gallery on 9th does framing. Their Sperryville VA shop does amazing fairly cheap framing….not sure if the DC branch is as cheap.

  • Try Allen Custom Frame, it’s a 95 year old business, the frame shop is in Tenleytown at 4620C Wisconsin Ave. N.W. 2 blocks from the Metro. Ask for Harry, tell him Jennifer in Petworth sent you (unless you are an a-hole, in that case don’t mention me!) He lives in Petworth and could probably pick up your item if transportation is an issue.

  • The Long View Gallery at 1234 9th Street, NW (across from the convention center between M and N Streets) offers custom framing on site. They have a great selection of really high quality frames and mats and they do great work.

  • I would suggest Plaza Artist’s Materials and Picture Framing on 1990K Street. They are pretty reasonable.

  • I just had 5 pieces of art framed at Classic Art of Brookland, LLC, 3219 12th St NE, DC, 202-269-2949 and was very pleased. Harry was excellent. I paid $300.00 for one piece that was 24″ by 48″. I’m not sure if that is cheap, but they were all very professionally done and ready to hang and again, excellent service.

  • Framer’s Workshop in Tenley is great. I’ve done the DIY route for at least a dozen prints. You can bring in your own frame or buy one there, they will sell you the mats and cut them, also glass if you need it, give you all the supplies and really walk you through it.

    They really know what they’re doing and have also been good with advice on mat colors etc. And it’s kind of fun. Maybe now I’ll get motivated to go in with the other dozen prints sitting in my closet. . .

  • Allen Custom Frame on Wisconsin Ave is GREAT. Harry Biscarr (owner) live in 16th Street Heights and is great!

  • I just did the DIY route at Framers Workship in Tenley last week — really nice folks and I feel like I saved a lot of money.

  • I’ve used Chevy Chase Gallery for years. Always happy with the results. Jackie will help you choose the right frame/mat etc. “Mom and pop” shop at the corner of Connecticut and Nabraska.

  • Got a link that this conversation was going on so this is a shameless plug here, but I run a community arts center in Shaw. I do all the printing and framing for our youth and community shows and can handle basic to intermediate services. All work is archival and I will be honest if your job is over my head. Plus, you get the added bonus of all the profit going into our community arts programs. for info on the center (we have low cost workshops starting now) and you will find my contact info there too. I live in Petworth and can meet you anywhere between Shaw and home.

    • Kristian,

      Thanks for this info, I didn’t know ArtSpace would offer this. Does basic-to-intermediate include shadow boxing?

  • Shadow boxing, double mats, archival products, etc in not a problem. My space and equipment restrict me on certain jobs but I can handle 75% of what people need at a professional level and will be honest in regards to what I can’t do. It seems from the list that there are some great framers to choose from if it is outside my range. Thanks for the question.

  • It’s a little tough to get to if you don’t have a car, but I highly recommend Apex Glass and Moulding, 6464 General Green Way in Alexandria.

    We’ve used them every year for the DCist Exposed Show and they are by FAR the quickest and least expensive (yet still professional) deal in town.

  • No, seriously, the Picture Frame Factory is amazing. I’ve framed a dozen prints there, and the guy who runs it is the nicest man alive. If you have a specific deadline, he’ll meet it with no extra charge, and he has a great eye for what will make your pictures look their best (without recommending some extravagant option). Go NOW.

  • Fountain Framing (H&F Framing) is a great frame shop in Mt. Rainier in the Arts Center on Rhode Island Ave. The address is 3311 Rhode Island Ave. It’s just about half a block past the DC border (Eastern Avenue). Conveniently (for me and other cupcake lovers) it’s right next to a great baked goods shop.

  • When I was the director of an art gallery a few years ago I took all our stuff to Framesmith DC for framing. They’re in Dupont:

    1352 Q Street Northwest
    Washington, DC 20009-4320
    (202) 518-2500

  • lordscarlet

    I would highly recommend American Frame ( as a DIY alternative. They have good, custom, archival quality frames. They’re more expensive than, say, Target, but the quality shows and it’s not the high prices you pay for complete custom framing.

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