Dear PoP – What’s the Word on HR 57?


“Dear PoP,

What do you know about HR57 at 1610 14th street? Good reviews? I heard it was BYOB.”

I’ve mentioned it before, I’m a huge fan of HR 57. I’ve also said that I think it’s a great date spot. While you can bring a bottle of wine (with a corking fee) they also have beer and glasses of wine for sale. The quality of the music varies but the many times of visited I only heard one disappointing set. The space was recently renovated in the last few years and I can’t praise it highly enough. If anyone remotely enjoys jazz, I’d say this is a must visit.

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  • Outstanding!!!!!

  • Yes, if you haven’t been you should definitely check it out. Great place.

  • Great place to catch some live jazz, but it’s pretty disappointing as a place to get your drink on, FWIW.

  • Really cool place here, gotta check out the renovation!

    I would also recommend Bohemian Caverns – one of the best places in DC.

  • It’s much closer to a recital hall on a college campus than a jazz bar. Not really a bar at all, I don’t think.

  • Funny you should ask — I’m actually headed there this evening. A great place to take anyone — date, friends, family. The BYOB is also a huge plus. You do have to pay a “corking” fee if you’re drinking. Basically, they give you a plastic cup. I’m not sure if you can get around it — I’ve never tried to sneak booze in. Usually it’s like a $10-15 cover + $5 drinking fee. All in all, a great place to spend an entertaining, low key evening. I would highly recommend.

  • They are VERY liberal about the corking policy too. Have seen many a group enjoying a nice bottle of liquor (last time saw a group drinking 100 proof capt morgans….felt hungover just looking at it) there, not just wine.

  • I’m 100% with PoP on this one.

  • I gotta go…sounds great

    Thanks PoP

  • They’ve had a full bar for about a year and pour some decent brands, but the BYOB is still a great option.

  • Problem is that they bring in fake jazz. Guys who bill themselves as jazz players, but are really just rock. And that brings in a douchey crowd. I wouldn’t go there for unknown bands/soloists, because I no longer trust their judgment. I mean, there are definitely more people at the pseudo-jazz shows than the real jazz shows, so I know why they book the crap bands, but still…

  • @Anonymous

    That is so true! I assume you are talking about Eric Lewis. I saw him at HR-57 before he turned into douche rock. I brought my friends to see him a couple months ago, and I was appalled what he turned into and left after a few songs.

    Plus that damn piano is never in tune.

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