Dear PoP – What’s Going into the Solea Building at 14th and Florida?


“Dear PoP,

I’m curious about two projects at 14th and Florida and wondered if you have heard anything about them. The Solea condo suddenly has some build-out activity taking place on its main level. Any word on who/what will be going in that space?”

Here’s the official word from Solea:

“The tenant at Solea is the Greater Washington Sports Alliance. They bought the entire 14th Street side of Solea and will be occupying the space by late spring/early summer. They’ve got a great fit-out planned with dynamic street-level engagement vis-à-vis signage, lighting, etc.”

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  • But at the end of the day…it’s an office and won’t provide any services to the community.

  • That building looks like crap

  • the units inside are really poorly designed as is the outside of the place. hopefully they manage to get someone to fill it.

  • Actually, we need more “offices” to support the existing businesses in the community throughout the 14th St corridor. Offices will improve daytime demand for services, leading to an expanded offering. Right now, the 14th St corridor is overwhelmingly residential, restaurant, and retail, which is great at night and on the weekends for the businesses, but lacks for lunch and the daytime hours because most people work elsewhere in the city.

  • Did they actually end up allocating 21 of the units for affordable housing as they initially promised?

  • very true about needing daytime office traffic. that will lead to better retail. i’m surprised we havent started to see an influx of neighborhood medical practices, eye doctors, etc.

  • We all know that Ward One Resident was wishing for a gourmet frozen yogurt boutique, not some stupid office.

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