Dear PoP – The Best Latte in Town


“Dear PoP,

Just curious as to whether you’ve ever stopped by Peregrine Espresso? Truly, the best latte in town –by far!
Locally owned and operated! Excellent service; kind and responsive staff. Clean, retro, minimalist decor. Simply excellent java, brewed by the cup!”

I recall folks talking about Peregrine Espresso located at 660 Pennsylvania Ave SE (near Eastern Market) in a previous post. Clearly the word is out because I went by this weekend to try a latte but the place was packed. Sadly, my patience for waiting on lines is horrible so I bailed. For those that have been – would you say they have some of the best coffee in town? Is it worth making a special trip?

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  • the best coffee in town is big bear.

  • disagree…

    Peregrine FTW

  • I don’t love their drip coffee, but for espresso based drinks there isn’t an equal I’ve found.

  • Great expresso-based drinks, but with every table hogged by a lap-top user, good luck finding a place to relax and enjoy it.

  • Grape + Bean in Old Town is the best, but if you’re staying in the District, Peregrine wins. Of course, if the line itself doesn’t kill you, the wait for the drip will. Definitely not for those lacking in patience.

  • Their drip coffees, which they make one cup at a time, are terrific. All their coffees are available in bean. Even so, it’s not really worth a trip in itself IMO, but Eastern Market in the next block definitely is. Try going on a weekday (the Market is open until 7 Tuesday-Friday), and Peregrine won’t have much of a line and might even have an open seat or two.

  • Absolutley worth it. It’s one of those places where you can see they take pride in every cup of expresso they make. I love dropping by at night around 8 pm. It’s quiet, usually people with laptops or books – makes a great alternative to desert on a date.

  • Peregrine is the best espressso or cappucino in the District. Another emphatic vote.

  • Good coffee, bad space in the winter. Too small, and too exposed to the elements…and yes, too many squatters. I would rather go to SOVA and have a place to relax.

    Has anyone noticed starbucks watering down their drinks in the district, while outside the city they are normal? I’ve been to the 2 starbucks on Penn. Ave SE and the one across from the archives and then a few in the burbs. The 3 in the city have all watered down their drinks.

    I smell a rat.

  • Excellent, close 1st with Chinatown Coffee in 2nd, Midtown in 3rd. Definitely worth a special trip.

    But personal pet peeve – only 1 size for drinks. I get the logic, but my favorite latte is 4 shots and with one size latte that ain’t a whole lot left over for the drink part.

  • sorry guys, Illy Coffee near Foggy Bottom is the best latte/coffee in town… since we are talking in absolutes.

  • Something about the excessive use of exclamation points in the original letter makes me pretty sure it’s actually from Peregrine’s owner. A little too cheesy to be a spontaneous customer comment – more like shameless self-promotion.

    TonyS has got it right – Illy is the hands down best.

    • I have met the owners enough to know it’s not their style. Besides, as someone mentioned, they were just in Bon Appetit – they hardly need to send letters to local bloggers praising themselves!

  • Was not a fan of Murky (coffee or service), but I’m a big fan of Peregrine for both. Small spot with little seating is the only drawback.

  • I don’t drink coffee, but I had two friends from Eastern Europe in town, self-described coffee snobs, and they said Peregrine espresso was excellent coffee. I found their hot chocolate to be so-so.

  • If by ‘word is out’ you mean, was recently mentioned in Bon Appetit, you’d be correct.

  • I’m surprised nobody has shown any love for Qualia here.
    Personally I think they have the best coffee in DC by far, but I’m on a temporary boycott since going by there one morning at 7:59AM (they open at 8) and not being let in because they aren’t open yet.

    • I agree. Qualia hands down has the best coffee in DC. I haven’t had their espresso, so I can’t speak to that.

  • Nope, Big Bear!

  • I have to say Qualia has the best coffee I’ve had in D.C. Sadly, though, I haven’t had their espresso drinks, since their hand-dripped coffee is so gosh-darned good. Will give a shout-out to Savory in Takoma Park, though (specifically the one further from the Metro towards the Co-op), for some really awesome espresso drinks (and coffee).

  • Big Bear, or Chinatown Coffee Company for espresso drinks. mmmmmmmmmm.

  • I only ever go in the AM on the way to work so there usually isn’t much of a line. Of course every place near Eastern Market is obnoxious on Saturday and Sunday.

    Coffee’s good. The owner used to work at Murkey and if memory serves, he used to compete in those coffee competitions and actually won (don’t think he send the letter – not sure it is his style).

  • Ah, Sbear, you’re such a fool! I’m the person that sent the email; I don’t own Peregrine. Posts such as yours greatly diminish the value of this blog. Please stop shamelessly promoting your false assumptions.

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