Dear PoP – Anyone Know of a Good Moving Company?

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“Dear PoP,

I’ll be moving from Park View to Shaw in early March and am looking for a good moving company. I’ve heard good things about Georgetown Moving and Storage and Bookstore Movers, but I wanted to ask PoPville as well. My roommate and I are in a 2BR and have a good amount of heavy furniture (beds, desks, large bookcases and dressers).

Also, I have an upright piano. When I bought it, I used a special piano moving company to get it here. I’d prefer to move everything with the same company, so if any of your readers have had good experiences hiring a regular moving company to move a piano, I’d love to hear about it! I’d like to find a company with reasonable rates, but if there’s anyone really outstanding who costs a little more, I’d rather do that to keep my furniture (especially my piano!) safe.”

Anyone have any recommendations?

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  • JK moving. Fast, super professional.

  • We used on our last move from Shaw to Park View and I can’t say enough good things about them. Small business, but growing. So professional, reasonably priced and great attitude. Though, not sure moving a piano would be in their repetoire, but you could check.

  • I’ve heard good things about Beltway Movers.

  • I loved A-Anytime. The showed up exactly ontime. 3 very professional and friendly guys. They managed to move my studio apartment from Pentagon City to Chinatown in 1.5 hours (although, I was very well packed and prepared). $110/hr, 2 hour minimum. They said they charged a minimal charge per mile, I think it was $5/mile, but they didn’t end up including that charge.

    • I want to second your recommendation for A-Anytime movers. They moved us during the f*ing snowstorm 3 weeks ago. Seriously – in the snow. And they did it well and were happy about it. They moed us from 2 bedroom in CH to Petworth in just under 3 hours. total cost including a charge for stairs and tax was $435. Can’t recommend them enough.

  • I used Gentle Giant in November and they were outstanding. I found out about them on Yelp.

  • I would like to offer a VERY strong second for Mare’s endorsement of My Truck Buddy. You really can’t say enough about a business that is incredibly pleasant to deal with, 100% professional, and was nearly $200 cheaper than all the other quotes I have. For three guys to move our 3-BR house in Petworth to a 4-BR house in Columbia Heights (read: a lot of stuff) it took 4 or 5 hours of serious work and rang in at $400 which includes a good (and well earned tip). Not only a great deal, but you support a locally (Virginia) owned small business that is a dream to work with.

  • Gullivers Movers and Great Scott do a lot on the Hill. I used Great Scott a few years ago and they worked well.

    • I used Gulliver’s for an in-town move in 2007. They packed, loaded, unloaded and unpacked in record time without breaking a thing. Very, very good job. Pricey though, and I have no idea about a piano.

    • We used Great Scott for our May 2008 move and had a great experience. I’ve heard about movers going slow just so they can charge you more (because it is by the hour) and that was totally NOT the case here. They worked faster than I could have imagined possible, packed the big-screen and the leather couch safely and were careful, clean and friendly. Would use them again in a heartbeat.

    • Let me also make a plug for Great Scott – really a wonderful experience when I moved from Silver Spring to Petworth 6 1/2 years ago. Moving day was a torrential downpour and the two guys assigned to my job got totally and thoroughly soaked; I have never been so happy to have movers. They provided a couple extra boxes I needed free of charge and got me moved in about 60% of the time they initially predicted. They then got on the phone to try to move up their next move so they could get started on that one faster.

    • I also used Great Scott to move across town, and they were prompt, friendly, industrious, and careful.

  • is the best in town!!!

  • Beltway Movers!! They are the best. Super professional, on-time, very careful with your stuff and reasonable. My husband and I used them for our move from Silver Spring to CH this past September.

  • I used Rugby Movers my last time and will certainly use them again.

  • I had a good experience with Gentle Giant two years ago. Whatever you do, though, don’t use All My Sons. They came in way late, then claimed my one bedroom was too big for them and tried to squeeze some extra cash. I sent them home and got Gentle Giant to bail me out – they were there within two hours!

  • JK Moving is fantastic. Local company, very reputable, they did a great job on my last move. Worked quickly and their estimate was spot on. Whatever you do, make sure you get an in-home estimate prior to signing your contract. Although it is a pain to actually meet with movers in your home beforehand, it’s well worth it in the end.

  • Big Green Movers

    Very professional. Courteous. They really do watch what they are doing with your stuff as if they care.

  • I’ve had a good experience with “Two Guys and a Truck.” I used them to move twice, and they did a good job.

  • We also went with Great Scott for our last move, and couldn’t have been happier with the experience.

  • I just used Gullivers movers and was very happy – they were super quick and did a fine job. Really fairly priced

  • I just moved and used Anytime Movers – they were wonderful. The quote I got ($110/hr) was exactly what I paid, for three guys and a truck – for a move from Logan to Shaw (it took three full hours). Highly recommended.

  • “Two Marines and a Truck” – so professional. Called me to let me know they were going to be 5 minutes later (but ended up showing up on time – apparently on time is 5 minutes late for them). Finished much faster than they anticipated and refused to take the full amount. Were very careful with my things AND assembled furniture that needed to be disassembled during the move. They use former Marines and Army Rangers, so they’re incredibly efficient and you also get the bonus of being able to support a business that that employs veterans.

  • I used Big Green Moving last May and they were wonderful. Local company, good environmental credentials (use biodiesel in the truck), and at least the movers I had were also musicians so they would probably take good care of your piano. They were on time (actually, early), finished in less time than they had estimated, and very responsive to my inquiries.

  • I have to concur with the recommendations for My Truck Buddy. We just used them to move to Petworth in December and they were great! Very reasonable, professional, and fast.

  • Big Green Moving! They excel at local moves just like this. They’re meticulous, professional, cheerful, prompt and reliable and I would call them first whenever I needed a moving company! Find them on the Web at

    Also — may I say how great it is that so many readers have found reliable movers to recommend? It’s usually the opposite problem!

    [OK; random observation over.]

  • I used FLAT RATE MOVERS twice, both times they did a fantastic job, they are based out of Maryland and go all over.
    Toll Free: 1-800-660-3528
    Fax: 301-217-5951

  • I’ve used both Great Scott and Big Green. Both were excellent.

  • I would NOT recommend “two guys and a Truck” – I used them once, and I lost multiple boxes between here and there. “Two Felons and a Truck” is more like it.

  • GULLIVER’S MOVERS is the best. I have recommended them to friends and they were pleased also. They are professional & fair.

  • I used My Truck Buddy and they were awesome. Super reasonable, helpful, absolutely awesome! They have great

  • Gentle Giant movers are fantastic. On time, quick, and VERY professional. They took fantastic care of my precious pieces of furniture and packaged my artwork. Afterwords they walked me through my house to make sure they had placed everything exactly where I wanted.

  • Chris and My Truck Buddy are the absolute best. Not sure if they have a lot of experience with pianos, but he’s responsive, reasonably priced, super accomodating, and just really nice and helpful.

  • Don’t use AMS (American Moving Services – they advertise on craigslist). Several of my belongings never made it off the moving truck and into my new apartment, and when I called them to report the lost items and followed up with them a week later they were very vague, didn’t get back to me, and finally told me that I would have to file a claim for lost property which I couldn’t effectively do because the items involved were gifts from my parents and I didn’t have receipts to prove that I owned them.

  • I’ve used Bookstore Movers. They rocked.

  • Great Scott Movers are awesome. I have used them multiple times and they RUN with the furniture. They are fast and polite. I tell everyone to use them.

  • I second the recommendation for Bookstore Movers. They are really cheap – $95/hour as opposed to $150/hour for Great Scott – and they are super friendly. The whole time they were moving me they were discussing a book one was reading on the concise history of Africa. Afterward they invited me to a wine/cheese event at their bookstore on the Hill. Only in DC!

  • I want to echo recommendations for Gentle Giant. I used them for our recent move and they were WONDERFUL. They even helped us by disposing of some of the old furniture the seller left in the house – and for no extra cost!

  • I’ve used Great Scott and Gulliver’s. Gulliver’s was an hour late and sent two guys when we had agreed on three. They were fairly slow.

    Great Scott was on time and moved in hyperspeed. The guys were gigantic and fiercely on task. I would recommend Great Scott and not Gulliver’s (although others seem to have had a good experience with them).

  • Absolutely YES to My Truck Buddy. Chris and his friends were amazing when I moved from a studio to a one bedroom recently. They were right on time and had everything moved in just under two hours (like others, I had everything ready for them). They were careful with my things and the landlords’ walls and doorways. They usually do smaller moves, may do bigger ones if you have them rent a bigger truck (no extra fees – just the price of the truck, and they get you a discount on that). I would definitely ask about the piano, though.

  • my truck bud is phenomenal. i’ve worked with chris and used his service and the guy is a class act.

  • +1 for My Truck Buddy

  • I used Green Wheels Van Lines back in July and I couldn’t have been more pleased. They gave me by far the cheapest rates, got to my place early, navigated an extremely narrow and complex turn down my street and were speedy and professional.

  • I have to throw in another vote for Big Green Moving. I used them in 2007 and they were fantastic! Very professional, very fast and reasonably priced. They are a DC local company and they only run their trucks on biodiesel, if you care about such things (which I do).

  • Bookstore Movers are great! I highly recommend them. They are nice, reasonably priced, and quite quick and good at what they do. Just make sure you book them early, I waited too long to book them for my last move and I was forced to deal with a moving company from craigslist (123 movers, I think) that was over four hours late.

  • Beltway Movers is fantastic. They are also reasonably priced, take very good care of your personal belongings and prompt. We used them for our move from Alexandria to Columbia Heights last March.

  • we used big green, and i think they were having an off day. LOTS of broken items, including the knobs sheared off my antique highboy. other items packed improperly. i was finding broken things for months after the move.

    i know a lot of people love this company and i want to support local business, but i would never recommend them after my experience.

  • Great Scott Movers. Seriously, the best moving company I have ever used. I think their back story is that they are a bunch of guys who like to play rugby and they move furniture to pay for the habit. They are big strong guys and funny and nice. We love them. (P.S. — they are also not a hassle to look at).

  • I called Anytime Movers after my original moving company never showed! After calling around Anytime Movers actually answered my phone. Their quite was super reasonable. The woman who made my appointment gave me all the info I needed from the jump. The movers where on time, professional, friendly, & they took special care of my furniture by wrapping it (at no additional cost) I recommend this company to any one that needs a mover in the DMV *****

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