D’Brows on U Street Becomes a Tarot Card Reader


D’Brows located at 1203 U Street, NW has become a tarot card reader. It always boggles my mind how tarot card readers can afford rent in prime real estate. What is this France?…

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  • That is terrible news.

    I knew a fortune teller’s space in college park and wondered the same thing, how could they afford the rent?

    they stopped paying rent for months until they got evicted.

    They’re gypsies, get it? They don’t pay rent- not for long anyway.

  • Hahaha that’s so random. D’Brows has moved to Brightwood, by the way, at Georgia Avenue/Jefferson NW.

  • I’ve actually always assumed they’re a front for something less legal…but maybe that’s just my nonbeliever cynicism talking?

  • I second Anon’s assumption. It is a cash business with no inventory. As a CPA, that business model totally raises a red flag!

  • I’m just amazed it didn’t up being a Cricket Wireless store.

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