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  • It is still on the market– so not sure where the information is coming from. Price was reduced to 1.3 million a few weeks ago.

  • I just love this building. I hope someone does something good with it. I think it should be a microbrew pub though.

    I heard pepco just sold a bunch of land around the area of Florida and North Capitol, so I bet that neighborhood will finally get a new feel that it so desperately needs to improve this city.

  • I would like it see something a little more lively than art space moving into that corner. There’s already the art/studio place 1st & Florida NW that might as be unoccupied for how often I’ve seen traffic there (Read no snow shoveling a few weeks back).

    The brewpub would be awesome, or even just a 1st floor restaurant and upper floor offices. There is also a 1 story building north on that block that was just up on tax sale, so maybe something will happen there.

    Lastly, wasn’t the pepco land more over towards the tracks?

  • Awesome building. Too bad DC let this one go; but it still looks in relatively good shape.

  • I just love this building and it always broke my heart that such a large building with cool exterior details was left to decay. I remember a few years ago there was talk of a restaurant that obviously went nowhere, so I really hope this comes to pass.

  • Rumors about that property have been circulating for some time now…it will probably be many more years until someone actualizes some proposed plans!

  • Isn’t this the space that the St-Ex guys wanted to develop several years ago? If I remember correctly, they lost interest and turned over the venture to another group that was going to do some sushi-mexican-italian-vegetarian-techno-disco-music club fusion thing that sounded godawful.

  • heres the issue,

    dc rfp’d this space.
    brian brown got the bid ( next gen development) he was partnering with the St. Ex guy.

    that fell through for a few reasons. brian was left with the building but
    no suitable restaurateur has been found.
    the financial meltdown and availability of credit exacerbated this.

    there is still more renovation to be done, no money
    no one interested in taking it on. the place is a registered historic building. it had asbestos, lead, you name it. it was a catastrophe.

    so, if you have the money and drive and ideas, give brian a call.

    if you open a bar here in bloomingdale, we will support you.

  • I would love to hear more about this. Does any one have more info? I am looking to find a space for a art/furniture/architecture studio. Thanks!

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