AM Wine Shoppe Opens at 2122 18th Street, NW


This was a pretty quick turn around since the coming soon signs went up in October. Sunday evening there was a soft opening and I was able to snap some photos.


In addition to wine they will also be offering cured meats and cheeses:


And very soon they will also be offering sandwiches. You’ll be able to find more information on their Web site here soon. They’ll be open Mon. – Thurs. 11am – 9pm; Fri. 11am – 10pm; Sat. 10am – 10pm; and Sun. 10am – 8pm. More photos after the jump.







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  • We wanted to personally thank the Prince of Petworth for describing the dream business that Skynear and Company was looking for. AM Wine Shoppe opened tonight and their food and wine exceeded our expectations. Our mutual goal is to serve our neighborhood and Washington visitors. We hope that our two businesses give everyone at least two reasons to visit the shops on the corner. On a selfish note we are so excited that we can run down stairs and have some of the most delicious food in the KADU (Kalorama- Adams Morgan-Dupont-U Street) corridor. Welcome AM Shoppe and thank you Prince!

  • Uh oh, she pulled out a KADU….she must not know this crowd very well…

  • I was fairly excited about this until I saw the last two pics…I like good meats and cheeses but how many people are going to pay those kinda prices?!?! CRIPES!!!

    • The same dumb people who will pay over a million dollars to live in a condo on 18th Street in Adams Morgan.

    • It’s not a gourmet discounter, to be sure, but the prices are not out of line with what other shops are selling for similar stuff. I’m not as familiar with the meats (though the prosciutto price seems “normal”) but the low dollar means brutal prices for imported cheese and artisanal products aren’t cheap to begin with. I (inadvertently) paid $22 and $30 a pound for cheese at Arrowine last weekend. Sticker shock is everywhere.

      It will be great not to have to get in the car to get Cashel Blue. I wonder what they’re selling for bread?

  • Wow, buy some Palacios Chorizo from Canales at Eastern Market for $6.95. wowsers.

  • Maybe if they’d thought of this 3 years ago and beat De Vinos… I just don’t see this doing well.

  • KADU!? KADU!?

    How the hell do you even say that? Ugh….so sick of these insufferable DC people who want so bad to be like New York they pull crap like KADU out of their bums.

    This makes Tivoli North seem like a good idea!

  • Kalorini

    Wouldn’t it be KAMDUS? Or maybe DAMUSK? 😛

    C’mon you bitter DC people, lighten up! This person was clearly trying to post a supportive, light-hearted comment. I know its Monday, but Jesus..

  • Commenters here are such complainers and parade-rainers. Congrats on a new business investing in the neighborhood and city. I wish them the best.

    And poor Lynn seems like such a nice person- why trash her like that?

    What happened to civility?

  • It’s the theory of crabs in a basket. If you put a crab in a basket, he can climb out. If you put 5 crabs in a basket, none will get out; they’ll pull down the crab that’s escaping.

    It’s how the DC government and most of America runs…

  • “Cheeses?” What is this nonsense word?! The plural of cheese is CHEESE. Just the sound of “cheeses” sounds horrible.

    • Apparently both are quite acceptable. I can’t imagine that anyone wouldn’t say “we have three different cheeses on special today.” I mean, “we have three different cheese on special” sounds like you’re speaking English as a second language. In PoP’s usage, I think “types” is implied.

  • Mmmmm, the prospect of a good sandwich shop in my neighborhood is very exciting. Hope they’re open late.

  • I live on the Hill so is that why I don’t understand the Kadu references?

  • Sounds like a whole bunch of judgment from a whole bunch of people who think they are too good to experience new places. We should be happy that people are adding new and exciting businesses to the city, especially during these times. Cheers, A.M Wine Shoppe…and good luck to you!

  • It looks nice (Cork on 14th is very nice too) I feel like I read about a lot of wine shops opening on PoP, apparently there is a lot of unmet demand for wine. DC never had a shortage of liquor stores. How can a wine shop be financially viable with so much ‘dead’ floor space? If I owned the local liquor store I would just go in the wine store note what they are sellng and add that to my inventory at a lower price.

  • Whan that Aprill, with his shoures soote
    The droghte of March hath perced to the roote
    And bathed every veyne in swich licour,
    Of which vertu engendered is the flour;
    Whan Zephirus eek with he sweete breeth,
    And cost for salted meat wilt nowt stop
    Ere only then will I at “shoppes” shop!

  • What is it about people who complain, cut down and mock anyone who has a small business? Maybe most of you prefer the global corporation shopping experience. There are thousands of us who appreciate neighborhood businesses and we like the idea of Skynear and the gourmet wine store. We can shop in our neighborhood. I know it’s a novel idea to the whiners and those who live inside their lap tops. Open a business and hire somebody so we can complain about you.

  • I love the idea of small, locally-owned shops like this. Unfortunately, I will not be able to afford to shop here, judging by those astronomcal cheese prices. I agree with the poster who said sticker shock is everywhere (Harris Teeter’s cheese section seems to have been priced to serve Beverly Hills), but these prices are way above even Whole Foods — i mean $24.99 for Comte Gruyere? Over 10 bucks a pound for some Feta?? Yowch.

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