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  • That’s an exciting development for that strip of Georgia. Can’t wait to try the food.

  • Yess, I hope it’s great food!

  • I am not so sure it will be a restaurant anytime soon. It has been functioning as the homebase for the catering company for almost a year now (their deliveries and van loading coincides when I leave the house every morning at 6:30ish), and while they did put up that sign recently as well as fix the front, they haven’t mentioned opening a restaurant to open anytime soon.

  • Spanish & TexMex? Seems like one of those fusion combinations doomed to fail.

  • The choice of colors makes me fear it’ll be Salva-Mex, but we’ll see how it goes.

    Spanish and Tex-Mex can’t be worse than the Spanish and Chinese restaurant I was subjected to on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. If you ever find yourself in New York, NEVER go to Nueva Victoria, even if it’s the only thing open.

  • R u sure that they are preparing food, seems like a front company for the green iky stuff. A lot of those business on GA ave, are just fronts.

  • Green inky stuff?

    A lot are fronts and tax shelters, but many are somebody’s dream of a viable small biz. Jacked up dream, but a dream nonetheless.

    I can’t stand Tex-Mex anyway. Spanish food, well, I doubt it’s real.

  • lol JD – for some reason the combo of Spanish and TexMex on the sign also made me suspect it’s Salvadoran!

  • They are a business – they cater lunched for charter schools(including the one I work at). Based on what they serve to kids, I wouldn’t get too excited about the quality of the food…

  • Ditto to Puchicha. They catered for the charter school where I used to teach and the food was nothing to write home about. I can’t imagine them opening an entire restaurant and lasting longer than a few months.

  • In my experience, these combo Tex-Mex/Spanish places don’t do either of these very well. Do yourself a favor. If what you’re really good at is Salvadorean food, open a Salvadorean restaurant and save everyone the disappointment.

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