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  • houseintherear

    Nice of this person to try to find the owner.

    Now, I wonder if anyone found the 8+ brand new tennis balls I donated to that park last week which were subsequently thrown into the trash can because of some new rule about “no balls”… in the DOG PARK. A rule that is not on the posted list of rules, mind you.

    (If that seemed passive aggressive, it’s because it was passive aggressive. grr.)

    • Obviously you don’t have a dog who’s perfectly wonderful and able to play nicely with other dogs – until there is a ball around, when she turns into a snarling, snapping, defensive, nasty monster willing to take on dogs twice her size if they even think about coming near her and her ball. From personal experience, I can tell you that no balls at the dog park is a good rule.

      • I have to say, the dogs and owners in the photo above look bored out of their minds. A ball or stick or frisbee would liven that scene right up.

        But who buys brand new tennis balls for a dog park?? Swing by 18th & California on your next walk for a few free, dog-ready tennis balls.

  • Hopefully they posted (or will post) a sign at the dog park as well. I know we’ll all find this shocking…shocking I tell you, but not everyone reads Prince of Petworth….

  • I hope the ring is found, but I’ve got to say, that little in the foreground is absolutely P-recious! I can tell by looking at him that he must have some rich, studly owners!

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