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Last week we learned that Vegetate was closing at 1414 9th Street, NW. Immediately folks from all different neighborhoods were hoping to lure Vegetate to their part of town. It’s understandable as they have tons of fans. Well, I heard from a very reliable source that the owners were spotted touring the new building at 11th and Park Road, NW on Monday. I’m sure they’ll be touring a number of spots but it’s exciting that they’re considering this section of 11th Street. Remember this is the spot where the bar/restaurant Meridian Pint will take the basement and first floor (I hear that the bar is close to being built!). Vegetate would presumably take over the second floor making this building absolutely amazing.

So what do you guys think – would Vegetate be a good fit for this section of 11th Street?

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  • How can we force them to move in? I would seriously flip out if this were true.

  • Don’t get me wrong, Vegetate, would be a nice addition to the hood, but I wonder how it would work having two restaurants in the small small building?

    Maybe there’d be a good synergism or mybe not… At first thought I wondered if they would fight over liquor sales, but whatever Vegetate might loose to The PINT, they would make up with a kick ass location and added foot traffic from people going to the bar at THE PINT.

  • That would be great, or maybe they’d be interested in other prime spots around Columbia Heights, such as the long-vacant discount furniture store at 14th and Park, or that other space for rent on 11th Street.

  • I think it would work out well. It seems like Meridian Pint will be going after a middle-of-the-road price point while Vegetate is [was] definitely higher end price-wise. Also, while Asylum [John/Meridian Pint’s sister establishment] does the vegan/veggie things pretty well, they also do solid burgers/wings and seem to have a bit of a following on that end of things also.

  • All they have to do is look across the street at Red Rocks and see how people are falling over each other to get inside despite it being a very nice, but nothing special kind of place. If they come I will give them money in exchange for food and drink.

  • come to U street!

  • I would not like to see Vegetate move in for the sole reason that it would increase the number of sanctimonious d-bags in the neighborhood.

  • this would be the Xmas present I always wanted but never got.

  • @Tomoko: understand your concern, but I think that ship sailed long ago

  • Sadly, Tomoko, were it not for those “sanctimonious d-bags” of Colubmia Heights, all that you’d be able to buy on the corner of 11th and Park would be crack and prostitutes.

  • Speaking as the Metro DC division President of the United Sanctimonious D-Bags, I endorse this option for Vegetate, and would consider having weekly Sanctimonious D-Bag meetings there, if space allows.

  • And considering the overall tone of Tomoko’s comment, it seems I have a little competition for the seat of Division President.

  • The Monkey Mama is newly vegan. And lives a 10-minute walk away. Just sayin’, Vegetate people.

  • Vonstallin

    Hey how will this effect the Great “Wonderland” establishment?????

  • I think Tomoko is just trying to stir $h!t up.

    No one could really complain about the direction of 11th street and the neighborhood in general.

    It’s improving.

    I’m just waiting for the day when an apartment building with ground-level retail replaces the laundromat, Chinese take-out, and bakery.

    • I don’t think Tomoko is trying to stir things up and perhaps is happy about the quality of life increase but maybe prefers that it became more of a steak and ale pub rather than some rabbit food epicenter for self-affirming environmentalist yuppies. I think to each his own and there is room for all those things but I am guessing that is the focus of the direction and no that the neighborhood is selling out or whatever

      • Vonstallin

        Steak and Ale sounds good…
        And i would venture to that establishment.

        i can’t do expensive rabbit food 🙁

      • I would like to point out that “rabbit food” does not contribute to the top killers of Americans: cancer and cardiovascular disease.

        Rabbit food can feed more people on a planet of 7 billion people going on 11 billion and rabbit food hardly contributes to global warming like livestock production does.

        I don’t know, isn’t stereotyping people with certain tastes while painting your own “group” as more authentic a bit pretentious also?

        I guess you learned something from those self-affirming environmentalist yuppies. Too bad it couldn’t have been something positive.

        • human life is not worthwhile if it becomes a chore simply for the purpose of propagating more of itself filled with more unsatisfying food.

          My group is of people who accept the temporary state of their life and enjoy it but you have made QUITE a case and demonstration of the sanctamonious d-bag Tomoko was referring to

          • human life is not worthwhile if it becomes a chore simply for the purpose of propagating more of itself filled with more unsatisfying food.


            I’ve been eating what you call rabbit food for over 30 years. It isn’t boring or a chore. Plenty of tasty things in restaurants and at home with cookbooks.

            It looks like you are trying to find a place to serve you red herring :).

        • I am horrified !!

          Just to point out, the current method of killing cows using a bolt has been proven to only knock out the cows but they remain conscious at the rate of roughly 80% while they are skinned, making them feel extraordinary pain in the process.
          There is talk of a more humane way of killing cows by severing the central nervous system instantly so the cows feel nothing.

          I for one am appalled because those last moments of pain make the cows tense up and this makes the meat MUCH more tender. If they switch killing methods I may be left with gamy steak which would be a bummer.

    • Woah!

      That bakery smells great! We just have to work on them opening a little store front window to sell their goods.
      Oh and the chinese place is my favorite of the several within a few blocks.
      I have no use for the laundromat – but it always seems full.

      • Vonstallin

        I think alot of those places just need a modernization.
        A decent clean up.

        i still like to see “The Hood” stores in the hood.

      • Let me elaborate on my earlier comment.

        I just think that it would be great to have a larger population (read: consumer base) to keep our small businesses operating. That’s why I’m an advocate for more people which several floors of apartments would provide.

        Let me also say that I agree that the bakery smells great. I would love to see a cafe or something go with the bakery. To anyone not familiar with the neighborhood, the bakery does not sell bread. They bank mass quantities of Mexican-style cookies for wholesale. They don’t sell anything at the bakery itself. It’s more like a factory in that sense.

        I’m also fine with a laundromat. I think the current laundromat could benefit from a good cleaning. If an apartment building went it, there’s no reason one of the ground floor establishments couldn’t be a laundromat.

        I’ve eaten at both the take-out and another restaurant on that street (El Rinconcito Deportivo).

        Again, my main point was that I’d like to see more apartments with ground level retail, I have nothing against any of the current businesses. I just think they could benefit from facelifts and shifts in business plans.

  • I like the direction it’s all moving in, but it sucks that this is the ultimate end point:
    “I’m just waiting for the day when an apartment building with ground-level retail replaces the laundromat, Chinese take-out, and bakery.”
    People in that neighborhood have relied on the laundromat, take-out and bakery for decades, probably. Sucks that it will most likely be replace by a Starbucks, a so-called organic dry cleaners and an over-rated Cake Love-type joint… or some-such combination.

  • Bring them to Bloomingdale!

    • I spoke to one of the owners just before they shut their doors – he mentioned that Bloomingdale is one of the areas they’re considering.

  • Did anyone else notice that the ABC license application taped to the window of this building indicates that the name of the establishment is/will be “notta bike or bar”?

    Definitely made me laugh.

  • That would be beyond cool. If Vegetate kept their happy hour deals, it’d be one-stop shopping for my benders. Upstairs for 1/2 price beersh and appetizers, downstairs for some vegan wings and more beersh, stumble/crawl/fall down another flight to play shuffleboard and take bets where I’m likely to wake up.

    I’m hoping they’re also considering the old Rumberos site, which would be fantastic and rich with irony.

  • I don’t understand the allure of this place. Been to the old one 2-3 times and it was going downhill each time.

  • Bloomingdale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, pretty please.

  • Isn’t it also possible that Vegetate is looking at the space that Meridian Pint was going to occupy because Meridian Pint is not moving forward? I know PoP said that the bar is almost finshed, but did this come from the owner? The build-out seems to be taking an awfully long time, and I have heard rumors of financing problems.

  • I thought the upstairs was already being built into office spaces.

    Vegetate should take one of the empty storefronts around Columbia Heights Coffee (there’s one on each side, there’s one restaurant planned to go in one of them). It’d probably be a cheaper spot, they’d be more visible to foot traffic, and would really make the block look a lot nicer. Or maybe even the big white corner house across from Red Rocks.

  • Why people equate vegetarians to uber douchery; if you google this restaurant the description says “Vegetate is a vegetarian kitchen and lounge, proudly serving Washington’s free-willed and progressive-minded citizens.” Seriously? If I don’t eat meat I am free-willed and progressive-minded?!?! GFY, Vegetate!

    Let’s be real…the laundromat, Chinese restaurant and bakery will never be torn down for an apartment building with store front retail. I don’t have a problem with them but I have no idea how the Chinese restaurant stays in business; it is dreadful! I tried that place once and it sucked and out me out of commission for about 12 hours.

    • AMEN – You are a conformist slave not capable of free-will unless you behave exactly like we say you should. hahahhah talk about hypocracy. Seriously.. I will eat a burger every day right outside of this store wearing fur.

      • there are plenty of restaurants in dc with pretentious slogans. in my experience the real douchebags are meat eaters who feel threatened by vegetarianism and post or say things like the above when confronted by it.

        • douchebags exist on both sides of this issue.

          • you may be right but it is only an “issue” to vegetards.

            I don’t choose to eat a burger because of some religious confusion or self-righteous environmentalist idealism. I eat it because I like it. THE END. I don’t care if you eat steak, dog or whatever or neither bur for some reason people who are vegetarians feel the need to point out to me – a strager at a bar – that my food is somehow contributing to the demise of human civilization as we know it.

            Did you ever hear of a “meat eater” come up to some salad eating hippie and tell him that some poultry farmer is going bankrupt?

        • I have been vegetarian for 20 years and have never in that time have I said anything to anyone eating meat, certainly never to a stranger in a bar.

          however, i have had dozens of encounters with meat eaters who feel the need to challenge my decision not to eat meat in terms much like this guy (“vegetards,” hippies, etc). I honestly don’t get it – it must stem from some insecurity.

          • no you are right. I was generalizing out of a few bad apples. Just like i do about whinig bikers who constantly run red lights like rules of the road don’t apply to them but complain about cars “not sharing the road”

            It seems that one bad apple can spoil the bunch or whatever.
            Also, annoying greenpeace kids don’t help the cause.

            Everyone knows whats best for everyone else i guess.

  • In terms of the spaces next to CH Coffee, as noted, one is already spoken for. The other has never been, to my knowledge, on the market, which is a shame. Heard rumors of probate issues, etc. There is the space for rent next to Arthur’s as well, although that might be too small for a restaurant. There are now FOUR prime spaces basically abutting the civic plaza, which is going to be hopping in good weather: former Rumbero’s, former Nori Bistro, former Score, and former furniture store. Once the construction is complete, that corner is going to have a ton of pedestrian traffic. I really hope those four spaces start to fill up …

    I too am curious whether Meridian is still a go or whether that is on hold, anyone know the scoop?

  • Vegate w/ Meridian Pt. on 11th makes a lot of sense. I think both businesss would benefit from this pairing.

    • I wonder how the vegan folks upstairs are going to handle it when delicious meat fumes are wafting in their windows from the big juicy steaks grilling away at Meridian Pint downstairs. There are some vegans who will literally start projectile vomiting in that scenario.

      • As a vegan who’s at Asylum quite a bit (though never as often as I’d like) where they also serve meat-based plates, I can tell you we’ll be okay. Thanks very much for your concern.

        • Asylum is different. At this place, drunken pranksters from Meridian Pint are going to tie a large steak to your back, which will drive you insane.

  • I ate there on their last night in the old place, and they said they were hoping to stay in Shaw. But who knows, I’m sure they’re exploring all options!

  • BeforeWisdom,
    Your zealous suggestions of rabbit food vs livestock are erroneous. Geography and climate limitations aside, more rabbit protein can be “grown” per square foot than rabbit food. Rabbit food demands irrigation and pesticides to efficiently feed the human population, which also has its environmental liabilities, not to mention the fuel used to transport rabbit food to those who don’t live in an area conducive to growing rabbit food. Unless humanity is supported by Amish farmers, factories would still need to process and package all the rabbit food to support demand.

    Both diets have consequences and yours is no better than mine, but yours is flakier can not rationally support an average population who lives outside of a year long growing season and weathery acts of god.

    You (BW)are better off eating rocks and live in an alternate reality of food consumption, where it comes from and how it gets here.

    • By “Rabbit food” they’re referring to salads and other edible plants (i.e., the food that rabbits eat), not the rabbits themselves.

    • Dude, no offense, but I have been reading about this stuff for 30 years.

      It isn’t a penis waving contest to me.

      It is a matter of facts.

      Eating vegan has been a pretty joyus lifestyle for me. It is easy to read the news these days and feel bad about the future. But I’ve eaten a lot of great food, been introduced to a lot of good things I otherwise would have missed and I have met a lot of great people.

      At the end of the day I know that “if everyone did what I did” the world wouldn’t further along its destructive path but going towards a better place. That is a great feeling.

      I know this conversation is about a bunch of bored people creating a conflict where there is none. So if this makes me a self affirmed hipster because I am into making positive choices then so be it.

      If this doesn’t make sense to you, you have my regrets.

  • I find the new format hard to follow. It’s hard to immediately see which comments are new.

    Also, in the home page, the “recent comments” section no longer lets you see which post the comment goes with.

    PoP: Can you expand the “recent comments” section? Two suggestions:
    1) Allow the reader to “expand” the recent comment section so that we can see all recent comments (maybe all those made in the past 24 hours?)
    2) Include the title of the post to which the comment corresponds. This will help me to decide whether I want to read the comments.


  • OK, I am a meat eater and I just could not give it up, but it is ridiculous to suggest that vegetarians have the same environmental impact as meat eaters. That is ludicrous for so many reasons. And that doesn’t even get into issues like bacterial resistence issues (truly terrifying) and animal cruelty (really, all of us processed meat eaters are nearly as bad as Michael Vick and it is hypocritical to condemn him without at least contemplating the costs of our actions). I respect vegetarians for the sacrifces they’ve made, even if they are once I am not prepared to adopt myself at this point.

  • Meat eaters who feel the need to insult vegetarians are simply trying to make themselves feel better. It’s essentially the same dynamic that causes men with small dicks to drive huge SUVs.

  • Skipping over many of the comments since they seem to have devolved into a bitchslapping party between veggies & meaties. So I apologize if I’ve missed anything meaningful. but:

    Speaking as one who was a pretty strict vegetarian for 15+ years, if there are any veg-curious types that are willing to travel, find an ISKCON temple that has a restaurant. Best vegetarian food on the planet. Doesn’t resemble rabbit food and it’s not prepared to be “fake meat” either. Perfect example is GOVINDA’s in Tucson. You don’t have to be a devotee to eat there. Some of the best meals I’ve ever had.

    Anybody know of a similar ISKCON temple restaurant on this side of the country?

  • From my perspective, the only thing more exciting than Vegetate moving to 11th St. would be for them to move to Upshur St!

  • David Garber

    man, I wish they had kept that wall black! it looks way too uber-beige.

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