Special Thursday Question of the Day – What’s the Strangest Present You’ve Ever Received?

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Last night a friend of mine told me that she received a 14 pound ham via special delivery for Christmas. I thought that was absolutely awesome, if a bit random. So it got me thinking – what is the best or strangest gift you’ve ever received for the holidays?

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  • Three packs of newports.
    Ok maybe it wasn’t that strange since to me as a poor college student it was like getting a bottle of crystal.

  • Emmaleigh504

    strangest: a combo gift of a 40 of OE and pac man soap, there may have also been a candy cane
    best: cardboard mounted rhino head (hell, anything rhino)

  • A strange at first present was a fence post under the Christmas tree. Then I read the attached note saying the post was part of a new fence for my backyard.

    Two memorable presents were a felt saddle for my Shetland pony and another year a lamb named Bessie.

  • The other day my friend gave me a pair of sparkly decorated attachable bra straps. So random, and I don’t even know how they work

  • A fur-covered plastic pair of handcuffs with the words “Love Slave” etched on the side… pretty awesome. I still miss that woman!

  • Kalorini

    This year, my good friend gave me a pad a note paper that was recycled/upcycled from panda poop.

  • One year for Christmas I got two cans of sliced mushrooms from my dad. I still haven’t figured that one out, but the year before he gave me some gold coins so I didn’t care.

  • A stiletto from my aunt. Odder still, she thought it was a hunting knife. . .

  • Last year my mom got me a copy of “Managing Your Money for Dummies”.

  • When I used to teach ESL to mostly Central American immigrants, one Christmas I got some clothes as a present. A student had bought me some things when she visited her native El Salvador. Enclosed in the gift box was a pair of yellow rayon underpants, high waisted and really funny looking, with a tag inside hecho en El Salvador. It’s the thought that counts.

  • I have an ongoing gift war with a buddy who moved to florida. I send him manatee related stuff (lawn ornaments variuos junk flags etc). because he hates manatees.
    he retaliated with a barage of pink flamingo’s. i have a food cover thing, it is a dome that covers food for picnics. it is pink and covered in rhinstones and flamingo.s its right up there with the yodeling pickle my brother got me.
    so i am sending out a bacon car air freshners this year. loooks and smells like bacon.

  • My stepdad’s family got us a huge shipping box of various TastyKakes. It was so disturbing, as if they went to a 7-11 and asked to buy out their inventory. It became a running joke for years.

  • What puzzles me is that I have hugely specific interests that everyone knows about but I often get incredibly bland gifts like sweatpants or gloves. I’ve given people amazing gifts and people know me for that, but I’ve never received a wild gift in my life. People always buy me what they can find in a store.

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