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Once again most have Friday off so here’s another early question of the day. Given it’s that time of year, it’s time to ask that kind of question – what is your strongest memory for 2009 in DC? I’m gonna have to go with President Obama’s inauguration week. There was such a buzz in the air it was absolutely electric. What about you guys – anything about 2009 stick out to you? Also any predictions for the city in 2010?

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  • I’ll remember the Blizzard Wedding during the holidays aboard the Miss Ann.

    Also our city’s finest during the metro train wreck.

    In 2010, more tearing up of the roads around town and more bike lanes.

  • I agree with you PoP. I volunteered that day, and even though it was butt ass cold, the energy throughout the crowd was warm (even cruising up 18th St. after the swearing in with a million people).

  • Love definitely was in the air on Inauguration Day. I’ll never forget that. People from all over mingling downtown, laughing and chatting with strangers, people line dancing on the mall any time any music was playing.

  • Inauguration – though I must have encountered the lone jerk, she had a NY accent (just pointing it out). I took my daughter on the mall we will share that memory forever.

    Michael Jackson’s death – although he had issues he was a huge part of my childhood. Good times were spent w/ family watching MJ. I remember sisters screaming while watching Motown 25.

    Prediction – Rhee leaves DC

  • Memory: Nats sign Strasburg!

    Prediction: Strasburg blows out his elbow.

  • Kalorini

    -The Inauguration, absolutely. So cold, and such frustrating pedestrian traffic, but SO worth it.
    -Falling in love and then breaking up (greeeaaaat way to ring in the new year, ugh)
    -The Bailout
    -UNFCCC Climate Change Conference in Copanhagen

    -Safe bet: More DC political scandals and Marion Barry craziness…

    • I’ve been gone for awhile… So sorry to hear about the breakup 🙁 Are you still moving to cali for law?

      • Kalorini

        Thanks Mal–I’ll eventually go to law school either in DC, Oregon or Colorado. I may hold off a year because I lost my stamina and drive, and my LSATs weren’t as solid as I had hoped. Just a fantastic way to start 2010…

        Hope you’re well. Hopefully, PoP will post his upcoming HH plans soon and we can all meet up again (first time for me)


        • I have a friend who just started law school at Syracuse – her LSATs weren’t enough to get her into American, but she’s so happy up at cuse that it seems it doesn’t much matter where you end up, as long as you make the most of it.

          Yay for PoP HH plans! Can’t wait!

  • I’ll always remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard the shocking news this week that Tyra Banks was discontinuing her talk show. It was just as big as Obama’s inauguration but fiercer.

    Prediction: Jon and Kate reunite.

  • Best memory: Definitely the Inauguration, what a great time to be in DC.

    Prediction: The 2010 Census in DC will blow everyone away with the changes in the city population, especially marketers who rely on census demographics data.

  • Clearly Inaugural weekend was the most powerful… however, let us not forget the antics of Balloon Boy, the fraud of Bernie Madoff, the sex of David Letterman, the overprescription of Michael Jackson, and of course, the ongoing scandals surrounding El Tigre.

  • Best memory – spending my first full year in DC, there have been a lot of great memories. Obviously the inauguration was amazing, even though I ended up back home to watch the ceremonies because I got stuck at 12th & E. It makes for a good story. Also a great memory is just getting Bush out of office – I think under the circumstances, President Obama is doing a phenomenal job. Another great memory – meeting Emmaleigh and rg and PoP! 🙂

    Prediction: There will be more murders, thefts, shootings, etc. I feel like nothing will help this city.

  • Getting the hell out of town during the Inauguration and spending a few days in Key West.

    Deaths of Norman Borlaug (much more important man than any pop star), blues artists John Cephas and Koko Taylor.

  • i just moved here in May, so I unfortunately was not present for the Inauguration…

    My best memory was sitting on our rooftop on July 4th, being able to see fireworks constantly going off on the Mall, in my neighborhood, the rest of DC, Maryland, and Virginia all at one time!

    Any other good memories have been erased by the abundance of crime and negativity, and my lack of money.

    Hoping to enjoy DC more in 2010!

  • Unforgettable for me was seeing inaugural ball attendees in tuxes and evening gowns making the Chinatown metro station look like the setting for the Oscar awards. Also, hearing of Michael Jackson’s death before the start of the Nationals-Red Sox game.

    For 2010, hoping and predicting that DC’s population actually surpassed the 600K-mark.

  • watching the global economy pull back from a cliff. March market crashes, cashing in the bear rally and the asian bubbles.

    watching the massive inter-generational theft in the name of bailouts,stimulus. The economic future for me, all of us, and our kids is going to be tougher.

    Watching the most powerful and most wealthy saddle my kids with debt burdens as a result of umanaged risk and financial engineering makes me ill. It disgusts me.

    We have witnessed the largest theft in the history of the world. We borrowed an unimagineable amount of money we dont have and gave it to people who dont need it.

    How do I pass on my belief that hardwork will bring success, to my children, after witnessing just how much the whole game is rigged.

  • Prediction: Fenty will be voted out by the electorate in 2010!

  • Obviously the biggest event of 2009 was the PoP site upgrade.

  • hope and joy summed up the inaugaration for me. it was wonderful. 2010..maybe the news will be stabalization for our economy a steady climb upward..

  • For me, it’s last week, when I proposed to my girlfriend. That was a powerful and beautiful moment. Of course the inauguration provided a boatload of great memories for me as well.

    2010? I think Columbia Heights and Petworth will continue to grow as city centers with new stores and new neighborhood institutions. After living in CH for 9 years, I had some nice moments this year marveling at how alive the neighborhood has become. 14th St. used to be a place to avoid.

  • Kalorini – press on if Law is your dream.

    “…doesn’t much matter where you end up, as long as you make the most of it.”

    This is only 1/3 true (look at Supreme Court.) Go to top school to have most options (Big Firm, DOJ, SEC, clerkships etc) If you go to a solid law school work hard (have good grades especially after 1st year), moot / court journal / clinic + network AND above all monitor debt!

    There are a fair number of AU Law grads temping in DC as we speak. (Other area law schools too no picking on AU)

  • Prediction:
    There’s’s nothing new under the Sun.”

  • I’m going to have to go with inauguration weekend too.

    It was a 4 day weekend (office closed on Tue + MLK) and pretty much everyone had lots of friends in town. Went to several great house parties, and it just felt like DC was the center of it all.

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