So Many Good Snow Photos!!!

Above taken by HK showing the total for Columbia Heights

Thanks to everyone for sending and uploading photos to the PoPville flickr pool. There are so many good ones, that I have to split this up into a few posts throughout the week. Here’s a little taste though…


Super cool shot above from FH in Bloomingdale.


I’m going to include a few I found as well. Clearing off the car with any tools available in Adams Morgan.


My neighbor Joe snowboarding in Petworth.

More photos after the jump. (And more from the Flickr pool coming tomorrow.)


Disaster Relief deployed at 16th and U Streets, NW.


What’s the over/under for when this Mini gets out of this spot?


Cars stopped in the middle of the road by Kris.


Even this emergency assistance vehicle got stuck in the snow (albeit briefly).


McMillan reservoir from Chris.



The above two were taken at Quincy St NW and New Hampshire Ave from Eric. PoPville flickr pool photos coming tomorrow!

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  • I saw that Red Cross truck going up 16th Street while I was waiting for the S bus earlier. I’m pretty sure it was “deployed” to make a Starbucks run at 16th and U.

  • For the history books.
    The one at Quincy Street certainly echoes classic photos from past blizzards, like 1993, 1996, 1983, 1979.
    or dig thru archival photos, like ones taken 1n 1899; 1922, a deadly one, 1932 which this one matched that long ago blizzard, or in 1942.
    the others are also great, thanks

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