Reports of a Shooting Outside Windows Cafe in Bloomingdale


I received the following email from a reader at 7:24pm:

“I know that you’ve been featuring Bloomingdale quite a bit lately, and I just wanted to let you know that something’s definitely happening at Windows Cafe (101 Rhode Island Ave NW) on Rhode Island. We were just on our way home and the street is blocked off with police tape, there are loads of cops there, and we did see someone on a gurney.

Windows is one of the best businesses in our neighborhood, and I sincerely hope the news isn’t as bad as it seemingly looks.”

I just got off the phone with a different neighbor in the area at 7:45pm. The neighbor tells me that the word on the street is that a Pepco employee may have been shot. An ambulance responded and left the scene. Streets remain closed around Windows and police (over 12 cars) are still on the scene. A neighbor heard one gunshot. In my talks it is not clear who if anyone was injured and/or how severely. I’ll update as more info becomes available from MPD.

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  • my old roommate says that someone from a pepco crew was the victim here.

  • This totally sucks. We JUST had another community meeting with the police the other day. Harry Thomas Jr. and reps from Grahams’s office showed up.

  • I was in Windows shortly after 8pm and Mr. Abdje (apologies if I’m spelling his name wrong – he owns/runs Windows) said there was a Pepco crew working on his electrical box and one of the cguys in the crew was shot (but thankfully not killed).

    No idea about motive or anything else.

    IMGoph’s former roommate

  • Just posted on the MPD 5D listserv:

    The Fifth District is working a shooting that occurred at approximately 1920 hours at 1st and Rhode Island Ave NW.

    The shooting is believed to be the result of a possible verbal altercation between several subjects and a male subject at the corner of 1st and Rhode Island Ave NW. The suspect that was involved in the argument fired one shot grazing the victim in the neck. One subject was stopped and their involvement is being investigated..

    Anyone with information relative to this incident call MPD immediately at 202 727 9099

  • this is so frustrating.

  • I drove by on my way home (I live on this block) and just brushed off all the cop cars until I read this news . . . so horrible. Phuck.

  • Yesterday I called 911 and reported a suspicious vehicle full of idiot teenagers eerily watching me get out of my car at 1st and V. Two officers on foot patrol arrived less than one minute later- this was at 430pm. The car left just before they walked up, unfortunately. Then I saw the officers walk down in front of the market on 1st between V and U (the bright blue one) and try to break up the “crew” that was hanging there. I saw three police cars patrolling around the neighborhood during the next 10 minute walk with my dog. So it’s just amazing to me that someone could be shot at 745 in the evening with all of that police presence.

    (My personal opinions here:) I can guess with about 90% certainty that the shooter was one of the losers who hangs out in front of the blue market or the one on the corner of 1st and U. They have blatant drug dealing going on there, and don’t seem to give a crap that we can all see them. I call the police all the time— does anyone else??? If not, you should.

  • As of this morning when I was walking to work there was still police tape up all around Windows, a cop car, and that big van/truck you can see in the above picture (with blinking lights still on)…

    I love Windows. This makes me so sad.

  • That’ll teach that PEPCO guy to bring his hard working style into a welfare state!!

    Seriously, if an arrest is made you can track the arrestees status here:

    You can file a community impact statement via the USAO office, see here:

    You need to contact Trena Carrington and specifically ask to make a Community Impact Statement. Don’t forget, most of our judges and attorneys live in VA and have no idea what life is like in DC. They are just as likely to release the offender as anything else.

    Note if no arrest is announced then its probably a juvenile, in which case you have no options. The best aspect of juvenile law enforcement in DC these days is that Vince Schiraldi is leaving for New York. Schiraldi has done some positive things, but frowns on incarceration for violent youngsters. He lives in upper NW, where such things are rare.

    To you sad people, this is DC, get used to this sort of stuff.

  • Some more info here:

    It was a group of local teens according to the article. So, odds are, even if arrested they will be right back out to greet local residents.

  • One emphasis of the meeting with police earlier in the week in Bloomingdale was upon the concerns over crimes committed by juveniles. As houseinrear mentioned, we were encouraged to report ANY suspicious behavior. If not necessarily 911 level, Commander Greene suggested e-mailing him directly. The Howard University Police also had a representative at the meeting and are trying to add additional support.

  • People have been emphasizing juvenile crime in public meetings for the entirety of the 16 years I’ve lived here, and most likely prior to that, with no specific beneficial results. Your elected officials are paying you lip service and generally telling you to go eat cake. The idea that these are secretive and rare activities by juveniles is silly, they generally walk around daring anyone to challenge them, 24-7. I would guess the perpetrator is a multiple repeat offender, and so you should focus your energy on the failings of DC government, not on emphasizing juvenile crime at meetings, which are a charade. Vote against Fenty and Mendelson and Wells, and make it clear you are voting against them for reasons of public safety. They, like all their predecessors, have ignored the plague of crime and the violent young men who hold power in most of the city. In nobler times they would have fallen on their swords, or been pushed.

    (if you’re curious why Mendelson and Wells, the former chairs the Cmte on Public Safety/Judiciary, the latter chairs the Cmte which oversees the juvenile justice system.)

  • Very, very intersting and sad comments here. I’m new to the neighborhood and live on 1st NE. So far, I’ve attended three Edgewood community meetings, to voice my concerns about probabld drug-dealing. I did e-mail Commander Greene and got a response that he would put more cars out on the street (or something like that).

    What I find most interesting about these comments are those of Pennywise. I hear people in the neighborhood saying “it’s just teens”. I really don’t care if the gun-weilding persons are 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50. We need to end the violence. Where do these people get the guns, and how?

    Also, having moved from Capitol Hill, I find the criticism of Wells interesting. I know he supports Fenty, and I know that crime is down since Fenty’s been around, or is it?

    As an educator, who reads and hears so much negative about Rhee, Fenty, etc., but never really sees longitudinal studies, or actual facts, I just have to hold judgement momentarilly. I need facts, and I need to keep reading blogs (despite what my mother says), b/c it shows that people are paying attention and that they care!!!!!

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