Shooting by Petworth Metro Friday Night


I received a number of emails about the following incident. Will update when word comes out from MPD.

“I live on Rock Creek Church Rd, directly across from Eighth Street, right by the Petworth Metro, and last night a little after 1 a.m. I heard a lot of shouting and I think at least one gunshot; sure enough, the police were swarming and took two people to the hospital, there was some blood on the street. Weirdly, both people came out of a silver car, not sure how it was involved.”

I’m not sure if it’s related to this incident from the 3700 block of New Hampshire Ave. From MPD at 2:31am:

“4D officers are on the scene of a shooting in the 3700 block of New Hampshire Ave., NW. Two adult Hispanic males were shot in the legs. The injuries appear to be non-life threatening. They were transported to local hospitals. There is no lookout at this time for any suspect. Anyone having information about this event is urged to call 1-888-919-CRIME or 727-9099.”

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  • We were walking from Otis Pl, turning south onto New Hampshire just before 1:00am when we heard four consecutive shots coming from near the Georgia Ave/Petworth metro. Kept walking (away from the gunshots obviously) and saw/heard cop cars coming from all directions within about three minutes.

  • I think the Park Place development is going to have a lot of problems. I drove past there at around 10:00 pm a few weeks back and notices an awful lot of people just hanging out on the retaining walls at GA and New Hampshire. Nothing good comes with that kind of loitering.

  • why all of the recent shootings?

  • Christmas!

  • Ho! Ho! Blam!
    Merry Christmas!

  • Isn’t it about time this community started questioning why this area has gotten worse under inspector browns leadership at the substation? We never had crime like this up here but it has progressively gotten worse.

  • Delightful. The crews move out and the MS gangs move in.

    One good thing about the snow/cold today; I actually felt a *little* safe walking down 14th tonight. Seems to keep the riff-raff away. 🙂

  • Nice comment, Thought. So just because the two victims were identified as Hispanic, that automatically means MS was involved. I wish such simplistic and overtly racist remarks were left off of this site.

  • Thought(less),
    I spent 7 years living in San Francisco’s Mission District. What happened here on Friday night is only the beginning. I’ve seen it. This isn’t simplistic or overtly racist. It is fact. We’re in for a long (aka years) hot summer.

  • Actually, I lived in the neighborhood, on Rock Creek Church Road, for about decade. I too transplanted from SF. Two noteworthy points here:

    1) Sadly, most shootings at this particular location in Park View/Petworth have been black on black crime.

    2) San Francisco has a much larger, much more established and much more complex Latino population. The gang activity there has roots in Mexico that have spread all across the state of Cali. MS in DC is a cake walk in comparison to the Latino gangs in SF’s mission district.

    Fear not, time heals all wounds

  • Just get out of the way and let them all shoot each other… black, white, or latino. Save the city some money!

  • Take5, good question… I would support that change.

    But the real problem with this question is how would you gauge the current commander’s effectiveness?

    As most know, you can make statistics show whatever you want with the correct massaging of the numbers.

    Maybe it’s just time for a change as maybe, just maybe the community has final had enough. As change can be good in get fresh ideas and eyes addressing the issues that this community sees every day.

  • It is more and more clear that there is no real plan to reduce these senseless shootings in and around our neighborhood. They have been going on full steam ahead for months now and there is simply just no additional manpower or supervision on our streets. Just the other day there were 4 MPD 4D Police Officers having lunch at the same time in a local eatery. This type of thing speaks volume to the lack of leadership and the lack of concern over the level of policing around our homes and businesses. Levels of people simply not doing their jobs. What is strange about it all is our elected officials just seem to accept or endorse the lack of a REAL plan!

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