Sherman Ave. Streetscape Meeting Notes


We last spoke about the Sherman Ave. Streestscape plans back in June. Thanks to a reader for sending the notes from a recent meeting on the subject:

“Essentially, construction will begin June 2010 and will last 18-24 months. Trees will be planted in the median where possible. There is one block with no median and there are a few medians with no trees due to underground utilities. We were assured that there were trees planted where feasible. Shrubs and/or ground cover will fill in the areas with no trees. Sidewalks will be widened with new tree boxes where possible. There will be one lane of traffic in each direction and are 14′ wide and designated as a shared lane supporting cars and bikes. New residential scale lighting will be added to provide more evenly spaced lighting with intersections receiving a higher level of lighting using teardrop style light fixtures. Washington globe light fixtures will be installed between intersections.”

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  • As a resident of Sherman Avenue, I must say this is great news. The reduction in the number of lanes, the addition of trees, and the larger sidewalks will make the street much safer and more pleasant. Thanks to Jim Graham and DDOT for their hard work in moving this project along.

  • Fantastic. I also recommend plantings like along Vermont Ave–they have some area with grasses and Russian Sage that would be great where it’s too dry or shallow for trees. I love that area and think it’s a model for all the new street medians being built.

  • Is there a bigger version of that image? I clicked through to Flickr but I still can’t see the map.

  • Weak. No real bike lanes, just fake ‘sharrow’ lanes. Does DDOT lack the political will to put bike lanes in or did a Graham veto it like he did with the protected bike lane on 15th St where it crossed U st into his ‘realm’?

    link to full DDOT PDF of the project overview [if the link works]:

  • To ontarioreader:

    DDOT did not compromise the bike lanes. Unfortunately the right of way on Sherman is pretty small so there is not much to work with. Sharrows were a compromise by all involved (read: peds, cyclists, bus riders and vehicle drivers). DDOT would need about an additional 10 feet or more to get bike lanes and wider sidewalks expecially on the southern part by the huge retaining wall.

  • Did they indicate which blocks would not be getting the trees?

  • Nevermind. This website describes the project very well and indciates where everything is going (lights, trees, bus pads, etc.)

  • “Install shared-use lanes along corridor for both vehicles
    and bicycles.”

    Are you kidding me?

    So you don’t need to create actual bicycle lanes, you only need to include the word “bicycle” in your project overview to do good by cyclists? Every lane in the city that isn’t a bike lane is “a shared-use lanes for both vehicles and bicycles”. Painting little drawings of a bicycle (because there would be a typo if you spelled it out) on the ground of a “shared-use lane” doesn’t do anything for the safety of cyclists. What a joke.

  • How nice to be able to walk down Sherman Ave and not have to step into the street when encountering a light post or utility box.

  • Good to see the tree cover returning to DC’s streets. It looks like reducing longer-term maintenance requirements for the plants has been thought out too.

  • hmmm. sherman ave is a favorite shortcut of mine to make my way quickly through nw. congrats to its residents on the improvements, but i hope this doesn’t reduce the efficiency of my favorite shortcut through nw!

  • sherman ave needs this. awesome. STILL amazed at folks who can only find something negative to say. not every street can have a bike lane. yes, that means it is SHARED…get over it, this is a huge improvement for the area, go DDOT!

  • I am extremely stoked that this is finally coming to fruition!

    If you’ve seen any old pics of Sherman before the street was widened and the trees were torn out, you’ve seen that it was once a beautiful boulevard, and with some TLC, it has the potential to be so again.

    I’m hoping that the end result will prove that good things DO sometimes come to those who wait.

  • Thanks ontarioroader, the link worked!

  • In ‘related’ news DC Mud says
    Groundbreaking for Howard Town Center Planned for Fall 2010

    Is there a ground breaking date for Radio One Project?

  • Why don’t you use Georgia Ave or even North Capitol as your thoroughfare?

    Sherman Ave has a speed limit of 25 mph (which drivers rarely follow).

    In an ideal world, the first and last blocks of Sherman Ave would be one-way streets (except maybe for buses and emergency vehicles). The north end would be one-way facing north and the south end would be one-way facing south. This would discourage folks from zipping through.

  • Boooo! This blows. They are eliminating a lane? Sorry but not living on that street I consider it an important north south throughfare between downtown and Petworth. I know the speed limit is 25, but I like to take Sherman because 1) North Capitol is fast, but too far east 2)Georgia is slow as molasses, especially around Howard.

  • @Petworth Newbie

    The reason they’re making the changes it to deemphasis the street’s use as a thoroughfare. Take Georgia.

  • Maybe deleting a lane isn’t enough. I’m all for installing random landmines and clusterbombs if it’ll mellow out the inbound traffic in the morning.

  • Love the design and it’s about time Sherman Ave got some love. The reduction of one lane will make a world of difference for the increased safety of residents, pedestrians and other drivers, that includes bicyclists too. Besides, what kind of bicyclists bitches about a wider lane that provides a safer avenue to share the road… ya silly peddle-heads.

    All haters be dammed to hell.

  • Sherman Avenue needs this but the reduction of one lane is going to make morning traffic a nightmare. I expect my commute time to double.

  • Quetzal, I’d love to see the old pix “before they narrowed the sidewalks” — please give us tips, if you know where to see them. Thanks!

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