Rollin Cycles Moving to 14th Street (Just North of N)


About a month ago we speculated on what was coming to the newly renovated building on 14th Street between N and Rhode Island. At the time folks thought a Subway sandwich shop and Korean restaurant were in the works. But I just saw this sign last weekend announcing Rollin Cycles – Coming Soon. Rollin Cycles is currently located just up the block at 1320 14th Street, NW.


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  • Good to hear! As much as I would love to a Subway come in somewhere on 14th to give a cheaper lunch alternative to Whole Foods…Rollin Cycles is a great little bike shop and it’s nice to see them take a bigger space that’s all their own. Well done.

  • The mechanics in this bike shop are great, good service, no frills, back to basics and I did like location. I guess they needed to separate the bikes from the porn.

  • Wait, are they getting rid of their video rentals? That is the only place in the area where you can rent videos (that I know of, anyway).

  • In related news, Capitol Hill Bikes is reopening down the street in the old VIP Spa spot @ 719 8th St. SE. This is notable mostly b/c that was recently the site of a big prostitution bust on Barracks Row.

    Denise said that they’re still negotiating, so it’s not a done deal, but to look for them soon. I imagine after they’ve done a lot of disinfecting and whatnot.

  • Vonstallin

    Cheers 4 new bike Shop… im shoping now for a new Cyclo Cross

    Jeers 2 prosto bust…

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