Rock Creek Turns Into Rock River This Weekend


Due to all the snow melt and rain, Rock Creek was huge this weekend. I accidentally got last in the park for about an hour and despite my frustration kept marveling at how fast the creek was running. Most of the pictures were taken when I found my way…


There was even a little waterfall:


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  • Did anybody notice the wrecker, abmulance and four or so police cars at the end of beach drive? There was no sign of an accident and no one was rushing around, but the street was partially blocked.

  • Curious as to how you got lost – were you walking, driving, biking, floating? It can be a confusing place and getting lost is often a good think but I do like to know.

  • Vonstallin

    Like stated above, Rock Creek is so vast you can get lost ez.

    I’ve been exploring it since I was 13 years old (37 now) and have always used it for various reason… (short cut to va/md, exercise, motorbiking etc…) So much to offer. and depending on where you enter, you can get twisted all around, but like you said, It will be a joyfull trek in being lost.

  • Ah, Rock Creek Park. One of the great parts about living in DC.

  • Saw somebody panicking about their golden retriever being swept down stream Sunday mid-morning. The dog was panicked too. Not sure if it made it out.

  • I also saw the police etc on Beach… there was even one of those National Park boats… I’ve been checking the news but I haven’t seen any deets. POP is there any way you can check with MPD?

  • I was out there fishing on Saturday. Caught a catfish the size of a warthog.

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