Robbery at Columbia Heights Metro Yesterday, Props to MPD

Photo from PoPville flickr user Bogotron

I find these incidents particularly disturbing when they occur right in the middle of rush hour. Props to MPD (and witness) for the quick arrests.

From MPD at 5:31pm yesterday:

“At approximately 5:00 pm 3 subjects robbed a victim on the Metro Platform at 14th and Irving Streets, Northwest. Patrols unit in the area were flagged down by a witness who pointed out the alleged subjects. The three subjects were immediately stopped. 1 adult and 2 juvenile subjects were subsequently arrested for robbery.”

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  • If this keeps up, the next person hit by a train won’t be a suicide. It’ll be one of these thug b-stards thrown onto the tracks when they mess with the wrong cracker.

  • good lord. you’re an idiot.

  • explain why, please. somebody tries to rob me and I shove him onto the tracks. I got the better of him when he attacked me. I have no sympathy for him.

  • maybe you would just thank him, hand over your wallet and go whistling home?

  • Thanks for the heads up. I always try to imagine what I’d do if someone tried to mug me. People have suggested keeping different articles in different pockets (keys, cell phone, wallet, metro card, iPod)–but does that actually work?

  • You know, it’s sad, but it’s just a matter of time before somebody goes all Bernie Goetz on a couple of these thugs.

  • If he doesn’t physically attack you cannot use force to defend your property. Until he escalates and uses force you have no right to physically touch him under DC law. So, you’d need to start by refusing and then seeing what they do. I am all for counterattacking these twits and would love to form my own cannibalistic vigilante squad, but remember you probably have a lot to lose in thrown in prison.

  • I’m no lawyer, but I’m guessing I could make a strong case for being in fear for my life or safety.

    Either way, if there’s a scuffle, it will be because one of them grabbed me, since I would rather diffuse the situation or walk away. Unfortunately, once somebody decides to rob you, they’re probably not just gonna back down.

  • why would that be sad Anon 2:52?

    pennywise a threat is assault. you can’t use force to defend your property but if you are threatened personally to hand over your property you are acting in self defense.

  • Go ahead, give it a try, see what happens. Assuming they say something like “give me your money or I’ll kill you” rather than “give me your money”. If nothing else, its your word against theirs. If there are multiple robbers, then its your word against multiple other witnesses. I’m just saying that DC in general does not allow you to hurt someone else to protect your property. I wish I was wrong, but I don’t think I am. DC law is just weird on these sorts of things.

  • Well, if you are actually suggesting its OK to kill a teenage kid because he takes your wallet, then I don’t really have much to say to you.

  • nice Bernard Goetz reference…very old school. effective though.

  • I don’t doubt that you’re right, Pennywise, but way to deflate my vigilante-busts-open-some-woopass-on-street-punks fantasy! 🙂

    Man, back to the cubicle. Sigh…

  • @TonyS thank you i was just thinking the same thing.

  • Don’t give up Bungie. You are Batman. I believe in you.

    Tony, if a kid just takes your wallet that is great, I am a big supporter of nonviolent crime (relative to violent crime). When a kid pulls a gun on you to take your wallet (or because your a PEPCO guy in his neighborhood or whatnot), then that kid needs to suffer the consequences whatever they may be. I weep for his problems and whatnot, but why does he have the right to victimize other people? And in the decades of allowing kids (and their older man/boy brethren) to victimize others in this city, has it really made this city a better place?

  • @TonyS 3:18pm :
    I’m saying that if some punk (age is irrelevant) is showing me a gun and threatening my life, then yes, all bets are off. His actions brought us to the level of life and death, and he may very well be the one who dies (though it would of course most likely be me, since I have no gun and have been caught unawares).

    Maybe somebody should do some kind of community outreach for troubled youth, but something tells me that I asked him to come with me to attend a meeting in a church basement or whatever, he just shoot me and take my stuff anyway.

  • Victims do successfully fight back on occasion, we just usually don’t hear about it. If a dead or injured thug kid rolls into the ER he sure as hell isn’t going to fess up to getting jacked by his intended target. Police just roll with it, chalk it up to thug-on-thug violence and that’s the end of that.

  • Bungieboy — “Maybe somebody should do some kind of community outreach for troubled youth, but something tells me that I asked him to come with me to attend a meeting in a church basement or whatever, he just shoot me and take my stuff anyway.”

    I have literally no idea what that rant means. Thanks for trying though.

    Penny”wise” — “but why does he have the right to victimize other people?”

    No one has that right… did I say that? Please explain that asinine comment. kthanksbai.

  • @TonyS: my point is that the thug who is pointing guns at innocent people on the metro platform is most likely beyond redemption. If he were offered the opportunity to turn his life around, he most likely scoff, then send a bullet through my brain.

    Is that clear enough for you? kthanksbai.

  • Mostly white people on this blog, huh? Heh.

  • ok. whatever. i just thought it was funny when you were like “if some punk tries to rob me i will kill him!” thats all. i just found it humorous. your a real crack-up Bungieboy!

  • Do black people not get angry about crime? If not, then maybe they should.

    And no, I’m not white.

  • Sorry for offending you, sai.

  • @TonyS:
    all I’m saying: if he tries to rob the wrong person (not me per se, but somebody who can really handle themselves), things may very well good badly for him. And that’s just too bad. I won’t lose any sleep over him. You?

  • dont let the haters get you down bungieboy…a lot of people are with you on your stance. the ones who arent probably will be after they get mugged/piss their pants in fear a few times.

    as an aside, wtf is with kthanksbai? people who use that should be thrown on to the tracks!

  • “You know, it’s sad, but it’s just a matter of time before somebody goes all Bernie Goetz on a couple of these thugs.”

    Say some punk try to get you for your auto,
    Would you call the one-time (the police), play the role model?
    No, I think you play like a thug
    Next hear the shot of a magnum slug
    Hummin’, comin’ at cha
    yeah ya know I’m gonna gat(t) ya

  • Wow not expecting Cypress Hill here.

    If I knew for a fact a person did not have a weapon and he demanded my wallet I would do my best to beat him senseless.

    “Pennywise – If he doesn’t physically attack you cannot use force to defend your property”

    Lawyer talk find a judge or 12 people who would convict.

  • Hey, I’m just passing along what friends on MPD have told me, I will look for the actual case law if I can. Cripes.

  • BungieBoy,

    blog commentors sometimes like to paint a picture that anyone that complains about crime is white (or acting white), with the insinuation that they are acting typical and are irrelevant.

  • What are the chances that the two juveniles are already back on the street and will not be at all punished? 90 percent? 95 percent?

  • Pennywise – not intended to be an attack

    BungieBoy Said:
    Do black people not get angry about crime? If not, then maybe they should.

    Black people fume about crime, police response time etc. Criminals like crime, apathy and fear and take adavantage of good people. This is dumb question actually. People always know what is good for others, no?

  • The self hatred of ‘white yuppies’ is amazing. There is nothing wrong with you people. You need not rationalize/apologize for the fact that you understand that these thugs were black. Could they have been white? Sure. Were they white? No. Whose problem is that? Not the victims’. Find a sociologist, but in the meantime its not my problem and I’m not going to trip over myself (a la TonyS) to try to apologize for shitbags.

  • I’m so tired of the self-hatred, too.

    Black man attacks you. You are white. You complain. You are racist. Misedemeanor. Out in 30 hours.

    White man attacks you. You are black. Hate crime. Felony. Out in 30 years.

    F-cked up!

  • About a year and a half ago, during one of my daily evening walks in Crestwood I was stopped by two kids/teenagers asking me ” where the money at”. One of them put a gun in my back and threatened to shoot me if I moved while the other checked my pockets for money or whatever they could find. After finding nothing the punches started coming. Luckily I felt nothing, I can only remember the sound of my nose breaking. They beat me unconcious and when I came too I was lying in a frontyard.I waskept overnight at a hospital.

    This event has totally changed my life. I no longer go out at night for a walk. I feel very much at unease walking around anywhere after dark unless it is in a crowded area. I hope none of you have to experience something like this.

    I never thought that anything like that could ever happen to me, especially from two kids. But it did. Since the attack I have helped out at a home in Fredrick county which takes in one or two troubled kids at a time to show them that there are alternatives to their lives in DC. Sadly, so far not one single person has managed to take advantage or try to improve their lives. Each and every one has wound up back in their old neighborhoods doing the same old crap. I’ve also noticed that they have no remorse or guilt over the things they have done. It is normal for them to hurt others or steal and destroy.

    On a side note as was mentioned in a prior post, in DC you are basically helpless as a victim. While talking to the officer in charge of my case, I said “I guess I’ll carry a knife from now on”. He told me not to do that because I’ll be carrying a concealed weapon and will be the one to get in trouble. —- It would be unfair to my attackers I guess.

  • It will be good when one day we don’t automatically degenerate into obvious “wedge” positions (black/white) on what is obviously an unacceptable violent crime regardless if the perp has a gun or not, regardless of the color of their skin or their victim’s skin, regardless or their socioeconomic status or their victim’s socioeconomic status.

    I am black, but not a thug, I have black/white/latino/asian/etc friends across the socioeconomic spectrum who are not thugs. I am sure most people on this site have come across examples of the same at some point in their lives, whether it’s in their social or professional circles.

    That, said, I am also one of those people who would do everything in my power to cause pain to someone who tried to mug me or someone I cared about. No one should ever be made to feel like a victim. I will take action to protect myself and my loved ones if I feel we are in imminent danger and sort the rest out later.


  • It amazes me that kids are on the street all hours of the night, Gallery Place for example. I know parents work but there are phones and ways to monitor kids. Parenting is 50% of the problem. Poverty is a problem but people in this country have survived with less in years past.

    People on PoP like to share personal narratives. Here is mine. I grew up in the ‘inner city.’ I had to be home when the lights came on and my folks had to know who I was with and where I was going always. Occasionally, as I got older, I slipped out of their gaze and got into a little trouble here and there, normal teenage stuff I suppose. But by then my parent’s words had taken hold; be honest, respect elders, no C’s so I never veered too far from the path. Then I used to envy the neighborhood guys who could seemingly come and go as they please. I thought they had it good. As you might imagine things did not go well for many of them, freedom + late 80’s early 90’s street temptation not a good mix. All this to say I feel bad now for many of them as they never had a real shot. I feel bad now that no one had a vested enough interest in their lives to even see that they were home at a decent hour. I see them around my old neighborhood they tell me how much they looked up to my father an how much they envied me, I just thought my father was strict and uncool. The neighborhood guys did not have to be Obama but they all had potential.

    No one should read this as a justification for criminal behavior. All citizens should defend themselves as best they can. No one should apologize for being a ‘have,’ work hard, enjoy, protect. I say this having been victim of a property crimes, assault, strong arm robbery and having been threatened 4 -5 times with handguns.

  • You’d be a fool to get into an altercation on a metro platform. Every square inch is monitored by video cameras. Give up your stuff; they can use the tape later to catch the criminals, but no matter what the circumstances, grainy footage of you throwing someone onto the tracks is going to work against you. Really.

    Also, if you throw a person with a gun onto the tracks, what you usually get is an angry person with a gun, standing on the tracks. If you were thinking that meant instant death, you’d be wrong.

    If you think it’s a good idea to provoke a person with a gun in a crowded, enclosed space, you’re also wrong.

  • you don’t have to kill anybody. how about a good swift kick in the nuts? they teach this stuff at the Y, you know.

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