Restaurant Week Occurs January 11-17

"Carry-outs of DC" collage
Photo by PoPville flickr user rjs1322

If you are tired of the above and are looking to try some of DC’s more expensive options take advantage of Restaurant Week. From Destination DC:

“Join us this January when nearly 180 of metropolitan Washington, DC’s finest restaurants offer awe-inspiring, multi-course meals prepared especially for this gourmet event.

Destination DC and the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington are proud to present the 16th Washington, DC Restaurant Week from January 11-17, 2010.

Lunch: $20.10 for a three-course fixed-price meal
Dinner: $35.10 for a three-course fixed-price meal”

You can make reservations at Open Table here.

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  • Restaurant week is fun and all, but I think that a city-wide tour of the better SEAFOOD-WINGS-SUBS-CHINESE FOOD carry-outs would be even more interesting.

  • Just make sure you have a week’s supply of Cipro

  • Destination DC still has the RW list from August 24-30, 2009. I’m really hoping it’s still the same because I just made reservations..

  • So how many Restaurant Weeks ARE there each year?

  • What is with the photos? Don’t you think DC has more affordable dining options other than your Chinese carry-out spots?

    What about JJ’s?

  • Yeah, what is up with those SEAFOOD-WINGS-SUBS-CHINESE FOOD restaurants? Seems like an odd combination.

  • Got my Rasika reservation!

  • I’m not a huge fan of restaurant week, but actually had a great experience this summer at DC Coast. Full menu available, and everything was delicious.

    • Agreed with the former part of your sentiment. It’s a terrible time to try out a restaurant you’ve never been to because the service is usually hurried at best (although, I suppose if you’re okay with the Southwest Airlines style service Ray’s the Steaks regularly “provides” then maybe it’s okay) and the food and menus often aren’t the same as the normal menu/ingredients. (

      DC Coast is still one of my favorite restaurants in DC though, so I’m glad to hear they were still impressive.

      I always recommend that people interested in trying a restaurant that’s generally out of their price range, either go for lunch (for example, Restaurant Eve’s Lickety Split lunch at the bar is 13.95 and allows you to choose two items from a special menu that changes daily. Items can include everything from cocktails, wine, sandwiches, entrees, salads and desserts) or go to the bar, and sample the bar menu.

  • It’s SEAFOOD-WINGS-SUBS-CHINESE-FISH and PIZZA. Don’t forget the fish and the pizza. Some of those places actually do a respectable steak & cheese with real ribeye instead of Steak Ums. But the best ones do fried gizzards and livers. I’ve only found a couple in Northeast. And some of us believe that wings & mambo sauce should be DC’s signature dish. The best so far are at Wings & More Wings off Bening Road.

  • Zengo does a great restaurant week-highly recommend!

  • I took the picture, and in my defense, it was meant as a homage to the ubiquitous carry-out places that seem to be stationed on every corner in my neighborhood (Petworth) and that supply seemingly unrelated food combinations like Chicken, Pizza, and Chinese Food. Kind of like the “doors of Boston,” but instead the “carry-outs of DC.” There was a strict criteria for inclusion: the restaurant had to serve at least 4 out of the 5 carry-out “staples”–Subs, Pizza, Chinese Food, Chicken, and/or Seafood. Probably an over-explanation, but…

  • As my co-worker so perfectly puts it: “Restaurant week is for amateurs.” I’ll wait until the masses are no longer out in droves, thank you very much.

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