Reader Request: Where to Buy Booze in Bulk?

Linie Akvavit, chilling.
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A reader after my own heart… Inspired by our look at the best quality wine/liquor stores in town a reader writes:

“Dear PoP,

Where is the best wholesale liquor store in the area. I hear there’s one in Silver Spring – but I think we should crowdsource the answer… I want to know where a guy can get cheap handles of the good stuff…”

So where do you buy your booze in bulk?

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  • If you have a car, Laurel has a *huge* liquor and beer/wine store right off of the BW Parkway. It’s on Rt 198, going west from the parkway, in the same shopping center as Target (left side of road if coming from parkway). I believe it’s called Corridor Wine & Spirits. Huge selection, good prices.

  • AMEN! Corridor Wine and Spirits is the size of a KMART and it has a bigger beer section that any single liquor store in DC. They have cases of beer you have never heard of before and 1000 singles to mix and match.

  • If you happen to be near Towson, MD then Beltway Wine & Spirits is the place to go.

  • I’m an event planner, and I order my booze from Ace Beverage, on New Mexico Ave. Great selection, and they’ll deliver.

  • Agreed. Ace Beverage is pretty great. I also have Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits deliver to my house for large parties (no delivery charge!).
    If you’re buying handles of liquor you’re getting it at a cheaper price anyway.
    Also, you can usually work some kind of discount with a large purchase if you ask.
    Stay in DC. I avoid the trips to the burbs at all costs.

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