PoP Preview – Ping Pong Dim Sum, Opening Dec. 12th


Here’s the spot from 900 7th Street, NW that we discussed last week. I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at a media preview. It’s a great big space covering 6100 square feet with a capacity of 238. Pictured above is the open kitchen and though I didn’t get to taste anything it smelled great. You can see the food menu below:

ping pong dim sum web menu

The bar was pretty nice as well.


Here’s an alcoholic bubble tea drink I got to try:


You can see the drinks menu below:

ping pong drinks web menu

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So for the most important news – it looks like they’ll be opening Dec. 12th:


This is their first restaurant in the United States. They currently have restaurants in London, Sao Paolo and Dubai. General Manager Christine Stachitas mentioned that they will be opening up more spots in the US with another one in the works for the DC area.


I believe someone asked the last time I posted whether or not there will be carts. There will not be food carts but the menu is a check off type where you select what items you’d like and of course can always order more. The most popular dish in the London spot is Crispy hoi sin duck spring rolls ($6). For those that don’t want to dine in there will be take out as well as delivery for a “few block” radius. You can call ahead to make reservations if you have a party of 5 or more.


The seating arrangements are pretty interesting as well. Ed. Note: They were having a mock service for employees when I took these photos. In the circular tables, pictured above, you can be seated with other folks which serves up to 4 “two tops”. Though if you don’t feel comfortable dining with strangers you can be given the choice to sit on your own. I should mention there is also a backroom that can be rented out which serves up to 52 people.


Parts of the ceiling are decorated with four Chinese sayings in Mandarin:

1. Love it first sight
2. Extravagant
3. Opportunity comes but once
4. Straight to the point


Finally I’ll mention that they have a great tea selection. They even have the tea that opens up into a flower when hot water is poured. Nice. My only fear is that this place is going to be insanely crowded. I’m just happy I live on the Green line as this place falls between the Gallery Place and Convention Center metro stops…


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  • $6 for duck spring rolls? Do they have caviar and white truffle in them? Prices are a little bit steep, no? This dim sum better be spectacular for those prices. It could potentially be cheaper to take megabus to NYC, eat a hefty dim sum meal, at a good place for cheap and come back for less than a meal will cost here. I would totally go there for drinks though they sound amazing… and the place looks great and is conveniently located.

  • I’ve eaten at PingPong in Dubai. It’s pretty good stuff. I will not visit this place until all of DC gets their fill, though, because this will surely be a crowded shout-fest of overexcited 20-somethings for a while.

  • i can echo ShawRes’s comments about the dubai joint.

    the place is great, and it’s somewhat expensive, but you get what you pay for.

  • eh, I’m still holding out for wagamama.

  • What are all you people doing hanging out in Dubai?

  • Maybe I’m too literal, but I’m kind of disappointed that there’s no ping pong there…

  • Food prices are “a bit steep” because of DC’s expendable incomes and lack of competition. A restaurant will charge exactly as much as it believes people can afford and will pay, despite the cost of the restaurant’s ingredients, labor, and overhead.

  • That place looks like you’ll be leaving with a sore throat, what with all the hard surfaces and the distance to be heard across the table. What an unpleasant experience!

  • From their website: “A discretionary service charge of 12.5% is added to your bill for your convenience”

    No thanks.

  • @Anonymous,

    I agree, I was promised table tennis. Very disappointed.

    I am glad I read this review, I would have gone their with my table tennis racket.

  • This place will be a tourist trap and an attraction for the aforementioned 20-somethings who don’t know any better.

  • Love the decor. The menu looks super tasty. Thanks for posting!

  • I much prefer the Dubuque Ping Pong over the Dubai Ping Pong.

  • Is this place Chinese owned and operated? The photos show a lot of non-Chinese folks cooking and working the place. I’m not saying every Chinese restaurant needs to be run/owned by Chinese folks, obviously anyone can open and cook and run a good place, but if I’m in Chinatown, I’d probably prefer to go to a real Chinese place.

  • I definitely would not humor a dim sum place run by round eyes. I’d just shuffle down to Silver Spring to Orient East for my dim sum fix.

  • @voiceofreason: There haven’t been any Chinese in Chinatown for a while now.

  • Petworthian. Not true. Although Chinatown is really just Chinablock now, there are still a handful of Chinese owned and operated eateries.

  • Looks like this is set to be the PF Chang’s of Dim Sum. There are so many great Dim Sum options in the DC area already, I can’t see paying twice or triple for a smaller selection of stuff.

  • News Flash: the Irish place ain’t run by Irish, and the Texan BBQ has no Texans. Crazy world.

  • Hey CHP,
    Can you list a few of the “great” (or even decent) Dim Sum operations in DC? I’d love some suggestions. And if you have any suggestions for good chinese food, I’d appreciate that as well. I have been in DC for almost ten years and have yet to encounter a good sit down chinese restaurant food. My DC Chinatown experiences have been forgettable.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Marcus Aurelius following is a discussion we had on best Chinese food in town:


  • @tt: so you don’t like for servers to get paid actual money? I’m not sure how the server situation works at this place (they may just rotate around and not have dedicated tables) but servers in places where you are expected to tip don’t even make minimum wage.

    If you can’t afford to leave a tip don’t go out to eat.

  • What a bunch of negative nancies.

  • I will def make a trip there after the downtown holiday marke this week.

  • there are lots of reasons for travel to dubai, one of them being this: http://www.skidxb.com/English/default.aspx

  • Ron: Are you referring to Dubai or the Ping Pong Dim Sum place?

  • @quincycyclist: No, you read too much into my comment. I simply said, “No thanks,” referring to their policy of automatically adding a 12.5% “service charge” onto bills. I typically tip 20% if the service is decent, a little less if it’s unsatisfactory. It shouldn’t be added in the form of a service charge calculated by the establishment.

    As for servers making minimum wage, I suggest you read their website; it states that all of their server *do* earn minimum wage before the service fee/gratuity is added (which is great, and I highly support).

  • um, the service charge is discretionary.

    this is their first US location. local tipping policies in other countries vary widely.

    the preemptive whining on here is ridiculous.

  • 12.5% service charge would be a bargain. Many places tack 18% onto parties of 6 or more. Neither are great tips, but it protects the servers from getting completely stiffed on larger bills.

    It’s reasonable to assume any additional gratuity would be applied on top of the 12.5% charge, another 7.5% for good service and a minimum of .5%, even for lousy service.

  • Sorry — that’s a min of 2.5%, even foor lousy service

  • Holleration – this place looks suh-weet. Why the hate? I guess you’d rather Ping Pong be a Danny’s, Johnny’s, or George’s take-out.

  • I ate at one of the Ping Pongs in London in April. Pretty good food and great tea. Service was what I would call slow and the only reason it was a problem was we had tickets to the Tower of London Key Ceremony and if you are not there on time they will not let you in. My companion did not get his rice pudding in time. Great place for a group of people.

  • Went to the soft opening. Great atmosphere, attentive and friendly staff, creative drink menu. However, the drinks don’t complement the food, and everything’s pretty expensive. Not a great value for the price.

  • Checked it out last night. On the plus side, large, good menu, tons of space, nice atmosphere and service. The food is just OK. The lunch dim sum at Tony Cheng’s a block away is MUCH tastier, and that is hardly world-beating dim sum. Hard to put my finger on it, but almost every dish just seemed to be a tiny bit off in some way … nothing BAD, but nothing that blew me away. Convenient option to have but don’t expect the sort of dim sum caliber you’d get at a good traditional dim sum service.

  • Went there Saturday afternoon. not too crowded. Spicy basil dumpling was awesome. Their prawn coriander dumpling was a little too fishy tasting. No beers on tap as of Saturday. Earl grey julep was too sweet, but our waitress was very considerate and informative about all the dumplings. We left spending 70 bucks including tip. This would be a good tapas dim sum / happy hour place. Not a good I”m starving for lunch/dim sum place.

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