PoP Preview – Chipotle on 14th Street in Columbia Heights!


It’s been a long time coming but I finally got to check out the Chipotle coming to Columbia Heights on 14th Street just south of Kenyon. And I have to say, well, it’s a Chipotle. Which is to say it’s awesome. Though, it’s much like many of the other Chipotles I’ve visited. But I’m very excited to have this option not too far away. I suspect it is going to be insanely crowded.

Here’s a bit of potential scuttlebutt – I ran into Council Member (Ward-4) Muriel Bowser at this pre-opening event and she said she’s going to encourage a similar opening in Ward 4, perhaps in one of the spaces by the Petworth metro.


While I’d love an Italian Bistro I also think Chipotle in Petworth would be a nice addition (though fear not my love for Taco Bell has not faded…)

This Chipotle opens on Friday!

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  • Nice to see Muriel today cheering on education priorities. Some good Chipotle in Petworth would be great too.

  • stay fat America!

  • Seems like a Chipotle just one metro stop / a 15 minute walk away would be a bit redundant … I am with POP, it would be nice to have a traditional, family-style, Italian bistro focusing on fresh, affordable pasta … amazing how few places like this there are in D.C. It would make an absolute killing.

    Wish we had gotten that dim sum place around here instead of in Chinatown. Still waiting on a single decent Japanese or Chinese option anywhere in U Street, CH, or Petworth, which is beyond mind-boggling. At least we have Thai and Vietnamese …

  • To support more restaurants, we need a higher population density. In particular, we need more people who regularly eat at restaurants.

  • We don’t need more restaurants. There are too many eateries as it is for the number of people that live in the area as evidenced by constant turnover and closings of existing places. DC is a small city geographically, there are restaurant heavy neighborhoods within less than a mile from here in U Street, Adams Morgan, Dupont, etc.

    What the neighborhood does need are places that aren’t readily available nearby and that serve community needs.

  • VoR:

    Please plan our economy for us, determining the exact optimal number of restaurants, chocolate shops, kite stores, community centers and asexual pre-victorian neo-objectivist puppet theater/juice bars, since you’re the expert and know better what is “needed” than the people who actually buy stuff.

  • I can’t wait! Yummo!

  • I think that by “restaurants,” VOR meant to say “projects,” and by “turnover and closings of,” VOR meant to say “theft and shootings at” :

    …We don’t need more projects. There are too many projects as it is for the number of people that live in the area as evidenced by constant theft and shootings at existing places.

  • Question- I thought Chipotles in DC lost their liqour license. But it looks like this one is serving beer. Does anyone know why some locations have beer and some dont. Cause to me burritos taste better with a beer.

    As far as having a chipotle at petworth I’m not sure they would be too enthusiastic knowing it would cut into the CH locations business. There are Chipotles about that far apart in Woodley and Dupont but they are in denser higher traffic areas.

  • That is exactly what Petworth needs, we could put it right next to the cricket and the subway, class up the joint a little…

  • Vonstallin

    Mixed feelings…(on another location at the Petworth Metro) I think it will do “ok”, but would opt for something else since the other Chipo is pretty close. I still feel that the Stores at the Petworth Metro stop need some kind of chain stores and a few one off stores.

    Honestly I don’t know what is needed. Thus far almost everything I can think of is close enuff in columbia heights, adams morgan, Ust, China Town.

  • Great news! I think a good location for another Chipotle would be somewhere on U Street, particular towards the eastern end near Georgia Avenue and the Shaw/Howard Univ. Metro station. Just think of all the business it would get with the Howard University students constantly walking by on their way to the Metro.

  • I passed by last night and witnessed a fellow yelling about how “they’s discriminating already!” I guess he had a mad cilantro jones and they wouldn’t let him in to the private pre-opening event. Some people really love to be pissed off. Hey, I wonder if I spotted the elusive VOR, without knowing it?

    Speaking of which, I would love to have specific examples of “places that aren’t readily available nearby and that serve community needs”. Before formulating a response, please go to the dictionary and look up the word “specific”.

  • I’d just ignore Voice of Reason/DCDireWolf. He’s a well-known troll, constantly whining and sowing discord because he’s disappointed at his own failure to launch a high-end chocolate shop, which is a particularly bold brand of hypocrisy considering how often he rants against “upscale” businesses.

  • I don’t understand the opposition to the idea that the area is over-saturated with eateries. Twice as many restaurants go out of business around here than open. There simply just isn’t enough support.

    As for what is needed and not readily available nearby, I don’t know the answer to that question which is why I didn’t provide examples. Time will tell what they are. But I know what they are not: bars and restaurants.

    • Not enough support because you want to artificially load the neighborhood up with poor people who can’t afford to eat out.

  • I enjoy a Chipotle burrito from time to time. And having one closer than Dupont or Calvert/Conn. is nice. But really, I can imagine a couple dozen other businesses I would’ve liked to see fill that storefront. Becuase you can build a city — or rebuild a neighborhood — on fastfood outlets, alone.

  • “Twice as many restaurants go out of business around here than open.”

    That’s some creative math!

  • Thank god. Finally real mexican food prepared by real mexicans in a mexican style.

  • Yeah, pretentious free food!

  • Chipotle is about “real mexican” as King Maximillian.

  • We need MORE healthy fast food places. LOL After all, as we’ve gentrified the hood, we want it to look just like the fat, sterile strip mall burbs we left. Turn every wig shop and liquor store on Georgia Ave into a Burger King. Yes, Burger King! Where is there a Burger King within walking distance of 20010?!

  • Frankly we need more retail biz, locally owned flava. That’s what anchors a community, makes it distinct. Hell look at Ben’s Chili Bowl if you want to see a food example. But more shops would be better, fewer burritos. Still, I love it when they stuff them things with the carnitas, beans, sour cream…maybe some Mexican BBQ sauce (I guess that’s somewhat authentic…McDonald’s does own them, after all). Nice change of pace quick meal, but nothing to have a parade over.

    @”El Gordo”: I love the “strip mall” comment.
    @VOR: don’t let these bargain basement Glenn Becks (who probably belong in the burbs) get you down. LOL

  • I almost died at the doormen they had outside. There was a dude inside asking some teens, “how was your meal”? Priceless!!

  • saf

    We don’t need more fast food at the metrorail station. Honestly, we already have the Wendy’s, we getting a Subway, we have that chicken place. They generate trash, don’t clean up outside their stores, aren’t a part of the neighborhood. I had hope for the new building. I was wrong.

  • Thats right! since Chipotle at one point in time was owned by McDonalds, anyone who likes it is essentially Glenn Beck and should live in the suburbs! Boo people that like chain burritos! Boooooooooooo!

    out of curiosity, where can one sign up for the self righteous picket line?

  • Good to see Muriel doing more for Petworth. It would be nice if she paid any attention to the rest of her Ward. Here’s hoping she needs a Chipotle job after the next election.

  • I’m divided: I love Chipotle. And if it’s going to be anywhere in Columbia Heights, it should be there: Two doors down from Starbucks and across the street from Target.
    But, I worry that as the area develops, it will develop without regard for the fabric of the neighborhood or the character of its residents (black, white, Asian, rich, poor, condo-dwellers, or public housing folks).

    For example, will the latino bakeries on 14th (names escape me at the moment) be replaced by Dunkin Donuts? Should I expect a CVS to bump the Pan Am grocery off the map?

  • By the way, PoP: Chipotle should be paying you for this post. If I hadn’t read it, I probably wouldn’t have gone there today for lunch.

  • Stop your whining “Navy Yard.” Maybe El Gordo will get his wish for a Burger King and you all can grumble away over a 2000 calorie meal at your leisure. LOL

  • Ahem “Anonymous” — who are you and why would I want to hang out with anyone named “Navy Yard?”

    I do agree we need more locally-owned businesses whether shops or eateries.

  • umm theres a burger king on Columbia rd. Pretty close.

  • Anybody know of a good jerk chicken place around here?

  • voice of reason always likes to offer failed logic and false arguments.

    lots of small businesses dont make it. in fact the odds are against you whether you are in DC or not.

    If the location is good, business is sound and the food is good, it will survive.

    e.g. Pho 14, Pete’s, Redrocks

  • PT, not sure what your range is, but Peaches Kitchen up near Takoma (6214 3rd Street, NW, http://www.peacheskitchen.com/) makes the kind of jerk I like: so hot it hurts.

  • Tropicana on U+Florida makes Fantastic Jerk Chicken.

  • I love Chipotle (their food is delicious) but no longer eat there due to questionable hiring practices. Same for McDonalds. I heard that these places are notorious for hiring people who are not authorized to work in the United States. As a result most American teens, and legal immigrants in the DC metro and surrounding suburbs can’t find jobs in these places.

    It’s tough because I eat out a lot, but it’s forced me to spend my casual dining money elsewhere. This phenomenon (legal or not) is most prevalent in the DC metro area. Not so much problem outside of the DC area.

    National chains/franchises should know better. And I won’t support them until I’m convinced that they have cleaned up their hiring practices.

  • I think Georgia Avenue needs a Babies R Us. I don’t have kids (but go to a zillion baby showers) and think that it would solidify Petworth as a family friendly place. Although it is a national chain, the first ever Toys R Us location was on 18th Street, NW – where Madam’s Organ is (at least according to Wikipedia). I’ve emailed the company about this once, but never heard back.

    I know I’ve posted this before. Sorry for the repeat regular readers.

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