PoP Pho Patrol


Well, I haven’t forgotten about the new Pho place, Nam Viet, coming to 3515 14th Street, NW. Sadly it is already December and they still haven’t opened. But if you look at the photos when I first posted there has been a lot of progress on the building itself. It is definitely looking much nicer. I haven’t seen any workers recently but hopefully I can announce their opening very soon!

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  • That’s encouraging because the line is already out the door at the pho place on Park, and much as I love it, I’m not standing on the sidewalk waiting.

  • Is this the same as the Nam Viet in Cleveland Park?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Heather. This Nam Viet is not affiliated with the one in Cleveland Park. It is also not 100% sure that the final name will be Nam Viet, this was a tentative name given to me by one of the owners. Hopefully a sign will go up soon!

  • I hope they have table seating. Last thing this area needs is another takeout place.

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