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  • sure, but that ain’t the yellow line, since that’s the bridge that takes the orange and blue lines over the anacostia…

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Of course that’s not the yellow line but I don’t ride the orange and blue over the anacostia. So the fact remains that I love riding the yellow line over the bridge…

      • oh c’mon, dan, you mislabeled the picture. man up, admit you made an error, and move on. no need to obfuscate…everyone makes mistakes.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Oh c’mon Geoffrey does that really look like the Potomac? You’re better than that.

          • Boys, boys, be nice!

          • no, dan, it doesn’t look like the potomac. but if i follow your logic, you can just put up a picture of a mid-century ranch from olney and caption it with “i love rowhouses in georgetown.”

            i would expect you to be better than this. you’re a professional blogger and a human. both are entitled to make mistakes, and both simply need to say “oops, my bad” and fix it when noticed.

            no biggie. but hey, if the captions and photos don’t need to have a straight connection anymore, it’ll make for some interesting posts around here going forward. i look forward to the dadaist possibilities!

  • Yikes! IMGoph – you need a Dada stake through the heart! I love both meatloaf and unicorns! I can recognize your birdhouse and leave a trail of raisins for your marmoset. Please – please – go find the swarmiest bridge over the most succinct river and jump the hell off it!

  • IMGoph is a douche.

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